Is this a THIRD Miraculous Photograph at Our Lady of Perpetual Help?


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The “original” photograph, from the November blog post

Back in November, a friend in Chicago shared a picture taken at the Adoration Chapel of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church in Glenview, Illinois. I posted the story here, which I then updated when the same friend shared another picture taken on a different day, using a different camera, by a different person.

Then, about a week ago, I received an e-mail from Lori, a “cradle Catholic” and parishioner at OLPH, who wanted to share her own experience, and a third photograph taken at the same parish. After a bit of e-mail correspondence and some phone tag, Lori and I managed to speak on the phone today, and I asked her a lot of questions about the picture that she took and the story behind it.

The "second" photograph

The “second” photograph

Lori said that she’s been through a lot of strife in…

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Penang: #1 Foodie Destination In The World

Penang #1 Foodie DestinationIn the festive flurry of the last few months, our gatherings with friends and relatives were made more memorable with the abundance of good food – Penang style.  For that, we graciously thank the good Lord for His blessings.

In Penang, the local fare has long been labeled as ‘the best’ in Malaysia. Now the reputation has spread far and wide, thanks to Robin Barton of Lonely Planet who placed Penang in the #1 spot of foodie destinations worldwide.

Click on the following news links to read all about it:

The Independent UK

The Star Malaysia

Time Out Penang  

As Robin Barton noted…. the most commonly heard phrase in this part of the world is…. “Have you eaten yet?”  which inevitably leads to… “join us for (a meal)….” or “let’s go for (a meal)….”. Hence, sussing out the best places that serve the tastiest local cuisine is a daily affair and practically a national pastime.

Until the next post, it is time to prepare some goodies from Mary’s Kitchen for tea.


Garabandal International Magazine: Jan – Mar 2014


Hello everyone, it has been a whirlwind of activities whizzing us through the last few months, and in Malaysia we are still in the midst of the 15-day observation of the Lunar New Year.  On this note, we take the opportunity to wish one and all a blessed New Year!

With the good Lord watching over us, we are deeply grateful for all the blessings showered on our family and friends in 2013. We continue to pray for peace in the world and for God’s guidance in all we do, through the year ahead.


If you have not already read the online version of the quarterly issue of the Garabandal International magazine, please click here for the January-March 2014 issue.

Some of the articles in this issue are:

Unless You Become As Little Children

A Word From The Holy Father – Pope Francis

The Fifth Marian Dogma

Jesus My Healer

The Rosary – Simply Amazing

For anyone who is unfamiliar about Garabandal and what it is all about, do click here to visit the website at



Penang Garabandal Centre

Red Roses For Our Lady


For everyone who might have (or have not) heard about this humble Chapel of Immaculate Conception at Sg Batu Estate in Bedong, Sg Petani, Kedah in Malaysia…. here is the new blog with more information including the location map. Red Roses for Our Lady is a testimony I contributed to the blog….which I share with one and all. God Bless

Originally posted on Chapel of Immaculate Conception, Sg. Batu:

Red roses for Our LadyA TESTIMONY:

Driving along unfamiliar roads with the guidance of the more informed ones among the group of 16 friends from Penang Island, we finally found ourselves slowing down along a narrow lane in an estate community, after about an hour’s drive from the Penang Bridge.

The four cars were parked at what seemed to be a small little house with a compound and we were pleased to have finally arrived at the Chapel of Immaculate Conception at Sungai Batu Estate. The friends eagerly entered the Chapel, hands laden with red roses and candles, all with smiles on their faces.

We brought red roses as Our Lady asked (as noted in one of the testimonies) for red roses. As the word passed around, most visitors would bring red roses…as well as candles to light at the sheltered candle stand beside the Chapel.

During the time we spent in prayer, one…

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