A cosy dinner at the E&O Hotel, to celebrate our 63rd Anniversary.

Suzanne and I are new to blogging… and while we have so much to write about, we are not quite sure where to begin.  Initially, we were planning to launch our blog on our 63rd Anniversary two months ago… so perhaps it is not too late to share a photo of our cosy dinner at the grand dame of Penang, the E&O Hotel.

We have celebrated many an entertaining evening at the E&O Hotel, from as early as the 50’s, during the hotel’s hey day as a hub of social gatherings. Suzanne, always dressed in her elegant best, whether it was an evening dress of that fashion era or in her favourite cheongsam, was always the ‘belle of the ball’. We cut a handsome figure, (so says our daughter) on the dance floor, and, always in the company of good friends, we truly cherish those memories.

Later on, we frequented E&O Hotel too, but more to enjoy weekend evenings at the then 1885 Lounge, where the talented Albert and Nancy Yeoh entertained the guests with their timeless renditions of songs from around the world.  Albert with his magic fingers twinkling on the ivories, and Nancy with her unique singing style, and her famous chandelier earrings.

Over the years, while the Hotel has taken on a new look, we still head to 1885 for special dinner occasions, savouring the good memories each time.

Recently, Suzanne and I were interviewed by a lady from the E&O Hotel about our experiences there, and possibly we might be accorded a small mention in the annals of their glamorous history.

 Until the next time….

12 thoughts on “Hello…..

  1. Looking forward to reading/view your blog.
    Miss you and still planning to make a trip with the “Little Young Man” to visit you both (soon, I hope)
    God Bless and love from us both,
    Jacquie & Joshua

    • Dear Jacqui,
      Glad that you like our blog which can be expanded in time. Miss you all too and mum and still waiting for your visit. Your “Little Young Man” looks great in his suit in FaceBook.
      Love to all at home,
      Godpa, Godma & Mary

    • Dear Jacqui,
      Glad you like our blog, Miss you all too and still waiting for your visit with your mum too.
      Love and may God bless you all,
      Godpa, Godm & Mary

  2. Dear Godma & Godpa,
    Congratulations on this new channel of communication via the blog.
    Love from Seremban,
    Jacquie & Joshua

  3. Dear Aunt Suzzane and Uncle Tony,
    It is a great site.. to share. Congratulationsd on your latest line of communication!. Am looking forreard to view your blog.
    God bless.

  4. hello there, it is truely a blessing to see you two lovable couple full of zest, zeal and life. May the Good Lord continue to be at your side.

    • Hi Emmanuel,
      Thanks for your encouraging comment, but all credit goes to Veronica Ann who created this for me.
      May our Lord bless you and family too.
      Love, Tony

  5. hi Suzanne & Tony,
    Congratulations on your new block! Wow, COOOOL DUDE AND DUDETTE!
    God bless you both with good health, love, peace & Joy

    • Hello Mary,
      Thank you, but it was begun with assistance from my daughter Veronica Ann. As time goes by, we hope to expand on it. May God bless you and family always.

      Love, Tony & Sue

  6. Hello Justin and Julie,

    Thank you for liking our blog, but full credit goes to Ann to have helped us along. No doubt, we shall be expanding it as time goes by. Please take good care.

    Lots of love and hugs,
    Daddy & Mummy

  7. Hi mummy & daddy,

    congratulations on your blog….good work…will constantly log on to see your updates.
    best wishes and God bless !
    Justin & Julie

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