87 going on 78…and always young at heart

This was created in 2010, but the words still ring true....

In addition to my keep fit routines, I do take care of  my diet and  enjoy the company of  friends, neighbours of all ages….. our diary is filled with visitors and outings, which in addition to our church activities and  my choir participation, all add up to what  the article below says about ‘remaining active with plenty of relationships’.

My daily routine starts with prayers and exercise before the day begins.  As outlined in this poster by my daughter when I was 86 going on 68 (the words can be sung to the tune of  ‘16 going on 17’)… I count my blessings each and every day. Praise the Lord.

I am happy to share some excerpts from an article by Steve Thompson  on  Keeping Fit in Your Eighties: The Octogenarian Fitness Club  


…”Physical fitness is important as any age,” says Dr. Jonas Nisbet of Conroe, Texas.

…..According to Fitness magazine, senior citizens will experience far fewer broken bones if they are dedicated to maintaining an exercise regimen, and they will also be less susceptible to organ failure, disease and other health problems.

…In fact, experts recommend that senior citizens exercise as often as they feel comfortable, while maintaining a healthy diet and visiting their doctors regularly.

….Researchers have found that senior citizens who live reclusive lives are more likely to suffer from depression and illness than those who remain active with plenty of relationships.

….If 80+ individuals can find the time and the energy to exercise, just about anyone else can do the same.


6 thoughts on “87 going on 78…and always young at heart

  1. Hi Sheela,
    Although we purchased a book “Water of Life” in 1979, we had not attempted to drink our own urine until some eight years ago on the advice of an Indian medical specialist. If you do not mind me discussing this further, I would prefer to email you separately on the subject.
    Tony & Suzanne

  2. Hi Suzanne & Tony!
    I got to know about your blog this evening after reading today’s STAR 2 section. Wowww, it was really inspiring to read how active, have such a zest for life & always learning & indulging in your hobbies. BRAVO!!!
    I am just 42 yro old & hope to follow your advice on how to keep active during my senior age. I too am a health & exercise nut after losing 70lbs (was whopping 200lbs) about 9 years ago. I entered my 1st 10km marathon run last year & hope to enter more.
    Looking forward to reading your blog to gain a wealth of knowledge.

    • Hi Sheela,
      Our blog is fairly new as we were careful what to write lest we did the wrong thing. However, we have had quite a number of comments from mostly people known to us, and you are about the second person who commented on the blog. We are glad that you like what you read as we are adding on more and more as time goes on. You have done very well yourself in having lost 70 lbs; to us, this is truly fantastic.
      Tony & Suzanne

      • Thanks so much for your reply. Guess after the article your blog will get heavy flow of traffic.

        BTW, just wanted to know your experience the 1st time you started drinking urine.

  3. What an inspiration this blog is. It truly shows that age is no limit to anything. Wishing you two many adventures ahead for me to follow here.


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