Fit As A Fiddle

Today, the phone rang incessantly from morning till late night. Our cyberworld reverberated with chats, posts and emails, and the house had streams of visitors (more than usual). Why? All because my lovely wife Suzanne, was profiled in a 3-page feature in the STAR newspaper’s STAR 2 section, entitled Fit As A Fiddle. Naturally, we  enjoyed being ‘celebrities for a day’ and are most appreciative to all at Star for their generous coverage on what makes our world go round. We just hope that their avid readers found the article inspiring. For those who did not see it, here is the link to their online story. Suzanne and I take this opportunity to thank one and all for their interest and good wishes.

God Bless.

14 thoughts on “Fit As A Fiddle

    • Hullo Jordan, thank you for your greeting. Congratulations on your beautiful photography, I love photography too, but those were in the days of black and white film when I used to process the photos in my own darkroom! Now its easier for me to just point and click away on a Panasonic with Leica lens! Keep up the good job.

  1. Hi Suzanne,
    Most inspired by an ingenious gem like you! TQS exceedingly for your words of encouragement n health advises.
    U r truly god-sent to society.
    Can we a few ladies,3 to 4 of us,pay U a visit on a Thursday morning?Pls advice through my email.We would like to take some pictures with You n Tony and listen to your wisdom in person.
    Ever since I read your remarkable article in STAR, I’m working more diligently on my exercises!

    God Bless U n Tony abundantly!

  2. You are an inspiration ! I can feel your cheerfulness and enthusiasm for life. You must be one happy bubble ! God bless and good health to the two of you.

  3. Wishing both of you best of health and luv your blog. Keep on blogging and God bless u both.

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