A newly-minted 89!


Celebrating Tony's 89th birthday, both Suzanne and Tony dressed in complementary tones of brown...


Before, during and after my turning 89, our calendars were simply filled to the brim with well-wishers from far and wide, topped off with endless lunch, tea and dinner appointments from our loving circle of friends and family.  

What initially was the plan to celebrate quietly (leaving the 90th birthday for THE occasion), turned into a slightly larger gathering at a local restaurant where all the guests agreed that the food is always good (that is all important to us Malaysians). As for the cake and sweet endings, everyone loved Mary’s famous Kueh Lapis (Layer Cake) while Jack the Muffin Man handed out pretty beribboned muffins to one an all – wishing our friends a year of sweet moments too.

The camaraderie between friends close enough to be family members, made it yet another memorable occasion for the birthday boy.  The inimitable Nancy Yeoh of E&O fame, started the guests on a singing roll with her specially dedicated songs while dear John Peterson entertained with his table card tricks to the amazement of all present. 

For my lovely wife Suzanne, who looked as svelte as ever in her brown qipao filled with mini rosettes, I sang a secretly-rehearsed Cantonese song entitled “Why I love you so” -much to the howls of polite laughter that echoed throughout the restaurant – I guess that meant I had not put in enough of practice! But for me, it was good enough to see her laugh heartily – and perhaps only I noticed – with a loving twinkle in her eye. 

Being the period of Lent for Catholics, the birthday cake and coincidentally, many of our well-dressed ladies, were in shades of lavender and purple. What a wonderful start to my 89th year.

I just wish to thank the good Lord for His love for our family, relatives and friends. Amen.



2 thoughts on “A newly-minted 89!

  1. Congratulations Unc Tony – what a wonderful man – pleased to see you had an enjoyable day or should I say week? xoxoxoxo Pami

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