Simple Yet Effective…..

As I have said many times before, I will try most any keep-fit routine that comes to my attention, to see if it suits me. At the same time, I always check with my medical practitioner, in this case, my TCM doctor, for his opinion before embarking on assimilating it into my daily list of ‘must-do’ exercises.

This came to our notice through an email, with instructions and explanation of benefits – and for your easy reading, we have recapped it as attached – Qigung exercise details. We tried to find the source of this qigong stance and to find out more about the benefits outlined, but realized that it was like looking for a needle in a haystack, as there are about 1000 or so qigong positions, each with a unique name to it. While this has been titled ‘Qikung Walking Exercise’, I am still trying to find the link to the ‘walking bit’…(as you must realise I am not a qigong expert).

Nevertheless, as encouraged by my TCM doctor, I started practicing this stance, which is supposedly meant to be held for at least 1 hour each day. It is good enough if done in 15-minute segments throughout the day.

Notice the 90 degree angles as shown in the photo? That is all important, per the set of instructions which also advises us to “Drink about 300cc of warm water before and after the exercises. Breathe normally. Don’t hold back your breath.  Using the energy from your waist and “Dan tian” to hold your legs in that posture as long as you can manage.”

Starting with only a 5-minute hold of the legs in this position a few weeks ago, I have arrived at the 15-minute stage, with only positive results to share with everyone. I felt a general sense of being ‘fine-tuned’, after the first few days of daily practice. Now as weeks have passed, I am truly delighted about how it has played a positive role in my well-being.

Needless to say, before trying out anything new yourself, do remember to check with your doctor, as he or she would know best.



3 thoughts on “Simple Yet Effective…..

  1. Thank you dear Suzanne for sharing this simple yet effective keep-fit posture. I am definitely going to try it out and keep to it in order to enjoy good health like yourself:)

    May God bless you and Tony always.

    Sharon Lai

    • Dear Sharon,
      It does surprise me that you have viewed my latest posting “Simple Yet Effective” in my blog.
      Do click on the three phrases in blue for clarification on the terms used. If practised properly
      for a month or so,
      you will notice the change in yourself and your health.
      May the Lord bless you too!
      Suzanne & Tony

      • Dear Suzanne,
        It’s so nice of you to respond to my email. Kamsiah, kamsiah 🙂
        I will look up the clarification as per your kind advice.

        Cheers! ….. you and Tony have a blessed day 🙂

        Warm regards,
        Sharon Lai

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