Chutney On My Mind

Since a friend brought us a basketful of lemons from his orchard recently, I have been on a chutney trail, starting with the lemons, of course.

Many prized bottles of this amber-toned delight have since unleashed its magical potpourri of flavours on the taste buds of chutney lovers, spurring us on to a chutney churning craze.

For the uninitiated, the word Chutney is derived from the Sanskrit word caṭnī, a term for a class of spicy preparations used as an accompaniment for a main dish.

The spices that go into making chutney originate from South Asian cuisine, which give rise to the most fabulous tastes when combined with some mixture of vegetable or fruit.

Chutneys may be either wet or dry, and they can have a coarse to a fine texture. As they come in a range of tastes, depending on where the recipes originated and perhaps evolved, here are some recipes to try. They all look good – and must surely taste magical!

Mango chutney, Apple chutney, Dips and spreads/chutney, Cranberry chutney, and not to be left out – Beetroot and Ginger chutney by Nigella Lawson!

Wishing you many happy hours of ‘chutney on your mind’.


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