Garabandal and its historic flow of events

A while ago, I introduced the Garabandal site via this link.

Situated in the Cantabrian Mountains of northwest Spain, San Sebastian de Garabandal is a small hamlet, unique in the history of Marian apparitions, with the Blessed Virgin Mary appearing over 2000 times from July 2, 1961 until November 13, 1965.

For the longest time, the people of this humble and remote village have gathered together daily for the recitation of the rosary and litanies of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

If this raises a curiosity for more information on the flow of events that took place….here are the links for you to click on..

For those who pray the rosary, please keep it up on a daily basis…

God Bless


A Celebration Of Life And All Its Colours

A series of original, limited edition scarves, designed with passionate attention to aesthetic details – has just been launched by VAL, and it so happens, she is our daughter.

Her collection of 11 silk chiffon scarves, entitled CELEBRATION, includes two designs which are especially close to our hearts, and are based on: (1) The Blue Window which captures the tranquility of church stained glass works of Jesus and Our Lady, with light shining in through the window panels, while the other (2) Our Lady’s Prayer, is all about Our Lady with the Hail Mary prayer and a rosary as part of the design.

Please CLICK HERE to go into her blog.

To view the full collection in the attached pdf, please CLICK on Celebration – by VAL

God Bless

S-T-R-E-T-C-H-I-N-G For Flexibility….

People often remark on how fleet-footed I am, even with my heels. At 87 going on 88, that must seem quite interesting to others, though I do not notice it myself.

Perhaps my usual calf-stretching routine has played an important role in keeping my lower leg muscles well-toned and strengthened…this is what I do, a few times a day when I feel the need to stretch my calf muscles.

First, I make sure my leg muscles have been warmed up before going on a wooden foot bench, the incline of which, is adjustable.

I stand on the wooden incline for about 10 minutes each time, as I am so used to it (hence the length of time I stand in that position is comfortable for me).

My calves feel so good when I get off the wooden foot bench. While my calf muscles stretch, I breathe normally and in this case, I enjoy the view too.

NOTE: (These exercises work for me, as I have done them for years. For beginners, all keep fit routines need to be consulted with their own medical practitioners before embarking on anything.  If there is sharp pain, please stop.)

Read about the Top 5 Benefits of Stretching and the Mayo Clinic shows the way to stretch safely with  Top 10 Stretching exercises

Enjoy your keep fit routines…Amen.