A Celebration Of Life And All Its Colours

A series of original, limited edition scarves, designed with passionate attention to aesthetic details – has just been launched by VAL, and it so happens, she is our daughter.

Her collection of 11 silk chiffon scarves, entitled CELEBRATION, includes two designs which are especially close to our hearts, and are based on: (1) The Blue Window which captures the tranquility of church stained glass works of Jesus and Our Lady, with light shining in through the window panels, while the other (2) Our Lady’s Prayer, is all about Our Lady with the Hail Mary prayer and a rosary as part of the design.

Please CLICK HERE to go into her blog.

To view the full collection in the attached pdf, please CLICK on Celebration – by VAL

God Bless

4 thoughts on “A Celebration Of Life And All Its Colours

  1. Dearest Uncle Tony & Tai Yee,
    Thanks for forwarding Val’s newest interest – I have dropped her a congratulatory note to say I love all the Oriental theme designs. The collection beats all those by Prada, Gucci, Hermes… The Peranakan designs are probably one-of-a-kind. Consider distribution outlets in Melaka and also Singapore. I am an avid fan of all things with ethnic influence so I give my “two” thumbs up!!


    • Tina dear,
      Your comments are most appreciated, particularly the mention of the world established brand names. As a matter of fact, VAL has a contact who has promised to find a market in Singapore. Please convey our love to all at home.
      Love and hugs,

  2. I really cannot imagine how Uncle Tony, Aunty Suzanne and Val find time to express all their talents. Val certainly has inherited her mother’s talents, for sure! Congratulations to all three!!! Everything I see is so beautiful, honestly!
    Joan Lee
    Vancouver, BC

    • Hello Joan,
      Thank you for your compliments but, in truth, VAL is the mastermind. We are glad that you like what you saw. Love to all at home, U.Tony, A.Sue & VAL

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