Suzanne Celebrates 88!

88. An auspicious number, one might say, but to my fun-loving wife Suzanne, every birthday is more reason to celebrate than the last. Each year she enjoys sharing her special day with loved ones and close friends. Always a joyous occasion spent in good company over a tasty dinner, filled with laughter, song and camaraderie.

The higher the number, it seems, the more the joy! For this 88th birthday, she slipped on her red, ankle-length cheongsam, embroidered in gold thread down the front, with the dragon and phoenix (hand-carried from China).  She never ceases to amaze me with her zest for life and her boundless energy! Not forgetting that she looks so stylish in her cheongsam.

Esther insisted on baking her famous chocolate cake, much to the delight of the 50+ friends present. The piano teacher and baking enthusiast was aptly delighted with all the positive comments.

The menu was fabulous – yet again another reason we return to this restaurant to celebrate many a special occasion.  It may not be the fanciest looking restaurant in town but the all important factor is the good food.

There must have been zillions of photos snapped by our paparazzo – Jack. One could have mistaken his one flashing camera for a whole team of paparazzi.

To Esther, Jack and all the singers who helped to keep the rhythm going, including entertainers like the inimitable John with his pack of table tricks….and to all our closest and dearest friends and family – thank you for being with us on this very memorable occasion – we love you all very much.

Thank you Lord for giving us such fine friends and guardian angels in disguise….to see us through each and every day.  On a final note, we pray to Our Lady and wish her a Happy Birthday too…..



10 thoughts on “Suzanne Celebrates 88!

  1. Dearest Auntie Sue, sending you lovely lovely lovely though belated birthday wishes for yesterday!! Lots of love, Sharmine xxx

  2. A belated Happy Birthday, dear Suzanne. It must be wonderful to be 88 years YOUNG — which is what you’ll always be. Remember Nat King Cole’s “You Will Never Grow Old?” That song was written for people like you and Tony in mind. By the way, you look stunning in that red cheongsam. God Bless.

  3. Hi Aunty Suzanne, this is Mimi – Ann’s friend from all those years ago. Many congratulations on your 88th. Ann and I have kept in touch all these years and she sent me the link to your blog. It is wonderful to read how well you have all kept. Best Wishes, Mimi.

    • Hello Mimi, thank you very much for your greetings. Of course I remember you very well as Ann had often spoken about you to us. I am happy to hear that you are doing very well in Australia.

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