Style At Any Age

Suzanne and Tony - a stylish couple at 88 and 89 this year.

Suzanne and Tony – a stylish couple at 88 and 89 this year.

We chanced upon a blog by a young man named Ari Seth Cohen who is waking the world to the fact that advancing in age can be made so much more interesting with one’s own sense of style.

While Ari is preoccupied with talent-spotting ladies in New York City and bringing them into the spotlight via his Advanced Style blogspot, all ladies around the world will surely be able to identify with the varied thoughts of the ‘stars’ of Ari’s blog and about how they have arrived at their own stylish equilibrium, through the years.

It is a most noble undertaking, what Ari is doing, as beauty evolves with maturity and one’s style takes on many forms. Most interestingly, the end result is unique to every individual.

Read more about Ari’s wonderful efforts in Ari Seth Cohen’s Portraits of Older Women in New York Times.

I so enjoy seeing how the ladies featured in his blog live life to the fullest and dress to the nines for no or any occasion on a daily basis. Such joy they derive from doing so, if not to please others, then just to please themselves.

And do you think these ladies are concerned about what others think of them? NOT AT ALL…just as an example, here are a few links you MUST click on to and READ:

Always look your best

Don’t try to look younger, just look as wonderful as you can

I don’t want to look younger…

So ladies (and gentlemen), think about it, and brighten up your days by dressing up to your heart’s desire! You do not have to be in New York to do so, wherever you are is just fine! Amen…

Suzanne & Tony

Party Menu Planning

In this part of the world, there are festive occasions where home parties or open-houses are called for, and menu planning and food preparation are either done at home, or partly (sometimes fully) catered affairs.

There are also any-reason-for-a-gathering occasions whereby like-minded friends who just love bonding over good food at one another’s home in turn, for a few hours of camaraderie and cosy togetherness.

While the right mix of guests ensures a jovial mood amidst lots of laughter and fun, the hostess inevitably ends up having to prepare the right amount of food and drinks for the occasion…

In Malaysia, the food types at most gatherings might differ from western meal choices…but we came across this blog link that has a guide on ‘how much to serve at a party’. It is in an easy to read chart format and should be a good gauge as to how many portions to be served per person.

If anyone out there has suggestions on party portions where our local dishes are concerned and wish to share with the others, you are most welcome to do so.

To whet the appetite of guests at our home parties, our family artist usually prepares a creative menu, unique to the celebrant and theme of the day, like in the menu above. After all, a shared meal should be a feast for all the senses…(on that note, look out for more sharing of ideas….)

Cheers and happy party-planning!