We Could Have Danced All Night…..

Tony (90) and Suzanne (88+) dance the night away...

Tony (90) and Suzanne (88+) dance the night away…

Baked by Mary and decorated by Pauline....

Baked by Mary and decorated by Pauline….

..….at my recent 90th birthday celebration.

Being the birthday boy, it was with sheer delight that I took to the floor for the first dance with my lovely wife Suzanne. At 88 going on 89, she still dances nimbly on those high heels, while looking elegant in her sleek cheong-sum.

We thank the good Lord for all those who graced the occasion with their heart-warming and honoured presence.

It was indeed a blessing to be surrounded by closest of friends, loved ones and relatives from far and wide, for yet another joyous gathering of kindred spirits, good food, song and dance.


12 thoughts on “We Could Have Danced All Night…..

  1. Happy Birthday Uncle Tony. You probably do not remember me but I am George Khoo’s niece. You both used to come by our house when I was little. Time flies but you both look just as good or even better than 25 – 30 year years ago. Great to see both of you although just on the internet. You both take care!

    • Hi Cynthia, I do remember seeing a little girl whenever we visited your uncle George Khoo. That was some 30 years or so ago until your uncle returned to the Lord. As your last name indicates, you must be married and may I know where you are residing now. You certainly have a good memory, Cynthia.
      You take good care too and God bless,

      • Uncle Tony: I am now residing in Colorado, US. Came here (the US) to do my Ph.D. and stayed on. You take care. Blessings, Cynthia

  2. Hi, Sue & Tony, I just posted an article on my blog, and I mentioned you as a couple that is an inspiration to all married couples. I would vote you as my favorite pin-up couple of all time! I hope you don’t mind that I posted a photo of both of you to share with others. What dazzling smiles of joy and contentment! You are both so blessed to have each other, and to celebrate life’s milestones together.

    • Hi, Lily, thank you very much for posting our latest article on your blog and, by placing us up on a pedestal, you have virtually made our heads swell with your superlative comments. We thank Our Lord for allowing us to thank HIM, for without gratitude there is no happiness, only the fleeting distraction of passing pleasures that grow ever less consequential with the passing years. If we never learn the language of gratitude, we will never be on speaking terms with happiness. A philosopher once said: “You do not marry someone you can live with: you marry the person whom you cannot live without.”
      Love and God bless,
      Suzanne & Tony

    • Dear Lily,

      Thank you for your very kind appraisal of Sue and me; we are truly grateful. For sure we thank you for posting our photo in your blog. We have to praise and thank the Lord for our well being!

  3. Belated Happy Birthday !!! Mr Lee. glad you had a beautiful party and wonderful celebrations. You and Auntie both look wonderful. Lots of luv, Betty xxoo

    • Dear Betty,

      Thank you for your belated greetings and we appreciate your nice comment. How are you and your parents as we have not seen each other for some years? We trust you all are keeping yourselves well like we do.

      Lots of love and God bless,
      Sue & Tony

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