Be Thankful For Daily Blessings

Flowers and photo courtesy of Pauline O'Connor

Flowers and photo courtesy of Pauline O’Connor

Today, I received several images of colourful flowers from beautiful gardens overseas. These were sent by two different persons, who wanted to share the visual joy of nature’s gifts. As they were sent almost simultaneously, it made me feeI like I had just experienced ‘showers of blessings’.

I stopped in my tracks for a while…..

Firstly, to admire the delicate and fleeting gifts of nature, which we tend to take for granted.

Secondly, as nature is the creation of the good Lord, then perhaps…it is a reminder from above, to be even more thankful for His constant showering of blessings upon us.

We have to learn to recognize daily gifts from the Lord.  They could come in so very many forms. The good weather. Peace in the country. Good health. Happy families. Sincere friends. Laughter. Good companionship. Daily food and drinks. Nature’s beauty. The list goes on and on.

In return, we have to be grateful and thankful for every little blessing. While some of us easily express thanks in our own prayerful way, some others may stop short right there… they are unfamiliar with ‘how to pray’.

Naturally, there are several opinions on how to pray. As long as we are sincerely thankful for little miracles that come our way daily, we can open our heart to God and say “THANK YOU Lord, for …….”.

That, in all its simplicity, is as good as a prayer.

If you find this inspiring, please share it with your friends, as everyone needs to ‘know how to pray’.


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