Learn A New Word A Day..

SELFIEIn this day and age where communication is progressing in leaps and bounds, it requires some keeping up with the slew of new words and phrases that are being used so freely by the younger generation and the world in general.

Naturally the Oxford Dictionary has to keep up with the pace and progressively includes new words, one of which came to my attention only today.

Coincidentally, the dictionary announced this word in August 2013, and almost simultaneously, it has gone viral on the social media – because of one well-known personality.

In this instance, the new word and Oxford’s definition is: (click here)
Selfie (Selfy):a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website.

And the ‘selfie’ that has gone “right up to the top” as described in The Verge online news (click here to read) – is one of a group of teenagers who managed to include Pope Francis in their group selfie during a visit to the Vatican.

More on this ‘historical moment’ in The Telegraph (click here to read).

Well, as they say: Learn something new everyday AND Learn a new word a day,(especially for our generation).