Garabandal International Magazine: Oct – Dec 2013 Issue


A note of thanks to all readers out there who have been following our quarterly issue of the Garabandal International magazine. The October-December 2013 issue is now online. Please click here to read it at your leisure.

The contents are as follows:

Notes from the National Director

Cover story: Our Lady of Perpetual Help

Garabandal’s Shocking Revelation

In Memory of Rene Moran

A Personal Experience of Catholic Church Life in China

An Amazing Eucharistic Miracle in Buenos Aires

St. Bridgets’s Vision of Purgatory

A Word from The Holy Father, Pope Francis

My Miraculous Birth

For anyone who is unfamiliar about Garabandal and what it is all about, do click here to visit the website at



A Penchant For Portraits

Portraits by SuzanneWhen deciding on the best subject for my art-to-wear projects, I suss out the available surface area and the would-be end result before I put paint to fabric.

Increasingly, I tend to paint portraits of ladies, as a close-up of a face allows for details of the make up, hair, earrings and necklace. All my drawings are done freehand, and I build on the design as I go along. It is the free flow of expression that is most enjoyable.

Penchant for Portraits

I do not keep a photographic library of all the completed art-to-wear pieces that have given me many a pleasurable hour spent in the creative process, but here are a few, to share with one and all. (My previous post on this subject can be read by clicking here).

If you have not found yourself a hobby to indulge in, please try to do so. It is most rewarding, in more ways than you will realise. Amen.


A Casual Style To Call My Own


This gallery contains 3 photos.

As some of you might have realized by now, I love to draw and paint! When I was a young home-maker, I used to paint on glass and canvases with which to decorate the home. That eagerness to ‘makeover’ a … Continue reading