Suzanne’s Daily Art…

Sue's notesI am an avid reader of keep fit techniques – from Acupressure to finger Mudras and anything else in between – as long as there is some knowledge to be gained in helping to keep oneself healthy, I will read it in-depth.

In order to remember all that I have read up on, I do what comes naturally – that is, to illustrate the details that I would like to remember for myself, as easy reference at a glance.

When friends come up with problems, I will dive into my reference books and research on what they could do to try to help themselves (as I do for myself) – and the best way to share with them the details – is of course, to draw them out so they understand what is to be done and precisely where..!

Some friends are amused by my drawings, but apart from enjoying the artistic side of it, it is to me, the easiest way to ‘show and tell’.

My drawings are found in all the books and reference material that I get my hands on. Here, I share some of my illustrations that I have done for friends. Suzanne’s Daily Art, if you would like to call it.

Art brings me such joy and I am grateful for the ability to express myself creatively in every way. Amen.



5 thoughts on “Suzanne’s Daily Art…

  1. Auntie Suzanne, the sharing of knowledge and info. and health so readily nd voluntarily to our fellow friends in need depicts the pure love and mercy you have for them. God Bless you, Auntie Suzanne. I love your artistic illustrations. Awesome!

    • Dear Kim, despite your professional knowledge, I feel encouraged by your comments; thank you as we learn from each other all the time. Love you. Suzanne.

      • God Bless Auntie Suzanne. You are One in a countless number of inhabitants on Mother Earth. An ANGEL in disguise. I am learning so much more from you. Love you too.

  2. awesome! saved the image Aunty Sue, hope I never have to refer to it of course but it’s there if I need it 🙂 I can see you, Uncle Tony and beautiful Mary are all keeping well, blessings always xox

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