The Cheongsam Challenge: Day 6

Good day to everyone! Trust you are off to a well-coordinated day?

As a batik sarong fabric enthusiast, I have them in many bright colour tones but this particular cheongsam has been fashioned out of a classic blue on blue and white!

This being Day 6 of Suzanne’s Cheongsam Challenge, it gives me great delight to show you my ‘porcelain coloured’ outfit!

To bring the blues out of their safe zone, I paired it with coral accessories (which incidentally, are my own creations).

CC6 - 27 Nov 2017

I am wearing plain black sandals with this cheongsam (and sorry to not be able to show it in this photograph.)

At 93, you can say “A cheongsam a day, keeps Suzanne happy and the blues at bay”!

God bless us all and have a wonderful day.


The Cheongsam Challenge: Day 5

I am feeling on top of the world this morning!

Hence on Day 5 of Suzanne’s Cheongsam Challenge, a batik sarong fabric that showcases a contemporary interpretation of otherwise traditional patterns, is just the right choice for my cheongsam! And… the colours of reds and greens echo that of the forthcoming Christmas season too.

I thank some of the visitors to my blog for comments on wanting to see my shoes as well….so here I pair the outfit with green accessories and red sandals with ladylike bows. YES, even at 93, I love ribbons and bows (chuckle).

Mixing and matching, contrasting and complementing colours and patterns is so much fun! That is why dressing up is such a joyful activity.

Until tomorrow, have a wonderful and blessed day today.


The Cheongsam Challenge: Day 4

Good day everyone!

Today being Day 4 of Suzanne’s Cheongsam Challenge, I opted for this choice, which plays on a pattern of varying shades of grey panels against a cream background. This fabric is actually meant for a man’s sarong, but I fashioned it into my cheongsam. If I am not mistaken, the sarong was woven in Indonesia.

To emphasize the gentle feel of the pattern, I decided on a side opening, with the edges trimmed with light pink satin and simple Chinese style buttons also in the same light pink satin. In this way, I softened a serious and sobre pattern into something pretty and feminine.

And to top it off with a bit of whimsy, I think my necklace, earrings, bracelet and rings set fashioned out of mahjong tiles does the job. Its subtle patterns add bits of colour to the dominant grey tones of the outfit while the cream colour of the tiles themselves blend in perfectly. In case anyone is wondering, NO I do not play mahjong as a game at all.

Completing the look are my beaded sandals in cream and grey, but are not seen in the photograph.

Did I not say this Cheongsam Challenge was going to be FUN? Even or perhaps especially so for a 93-year young lady!

God bless and enjoy your day.



The Cheongsam Challenge: Day 3

Three done, about_____ more to go!! I am referring to the number of cheongsams I have in my humble collection. Seeing as how I am 93, the cheongsams just kept creeping into my closets over the years – without much fanfare! Would anyone care to guess how many more are yet to be included in my Cheongsam Challenge?

Some are more suited for day and others for evening. Today being Day 3 of Suzanne’s Cheongsam Challenge, I chose to wear a batik piece, with a bold and dramatic zig-zag pattern in maroon and navy blue that runs down the front, while the more subdued tiny leafy pattern adorns the back and sleeves. There is no opening that runs across the front shoulder so as not to vie for attention with the fabric pattern.

I have paired it with black sandals though you do not see it in the photograph. The green accessories add a touch of contrast to the whole outfit.

The Christmas tree is a miniature reminder that it is ‘Christmas everyday’ hence it is up all year round!

Have a wonderful start to the week and God bless.



The Cheongsam Challenge: Day 2

At the age of 93, I still never cease to be fascinated by the colours and patterns of batik sarongs. Though I do not wear the creative pieces of fabric as a sarong, I love having them fashioned into cheongsams.

Most if not all of my batik cheongsams were tailored in Shanghai and are a testament to the fine workmanship of the Shanghainese tailor.

This particular piece of batik oozes shades of lilac and complementary colour tones in the floral patterns that make it oh so pretty! Paired with lime green sandals to echo the leafy greens of the batik, and I am ready to go out.

I have made some batik pieces into blouses a la Chinoise (in design) – and those are picture perfect too. I just might be enticed to share them here on another posting…..

But for today, it is the Lady in the Lilac cheongsam for Day 2 of Suzanne’s Cheongsam Challenge.

Have a blessed Sunday, everyone!



The Cheongsam Challenge: Day 1

I started to dress in cheongsam outfits in the mid-50’s when a lady friend suggested it to me. Since then, the cheongsam has been my ‘go to’ attire for church, special lunch or dinner occasions, parties and any special events.

Now even at the tender age of 93, I enjoy the ritual of dressing in the form-fitting outfit that accentuates the feminine curves. Choosing the right accessories (jewellery and shoes) to complement the fabric colours, helps to portray the complete image.

Somehow, the cheongsam manages to elevate the wearer’s image to one of utmost feminine elegance and charm – and it never fails to go unnoticed! Try it yourself and you will see what I mean.

Seeing as how I have several (I have not kept count of them all) cheongsams, I am embarking on the ‘Cheongsam Challenge‘ – ie: to dress up in one cheongsam each day and be photographed – for the sheer fun of it all.

So here goes…..this is Day 1. Starting off with a leopard skin print fabric with black lace sleeves. The beaded panels on the sandals I am wearing, were hand-sewn by me before being given to the shoemaker to be fashioned into sandals.

CC1 - 22 Nov 2017

I hope you will enjoy my Cheongsam Challenge as much as I do in presenting it for your viewing pleasure.

It also proves that gals love dolling up – no matter at what age!!

God bless.



What A Little Beads And Ric-Rac Can Do

Besides adorning my shirts, blouses and pants with hand-painted designs, I enjoy dressing up my clothes with hand-sewn beads and an assortment of braiding or ric-rac too.

Here are two of many of my blouses (which I sewed myself) – coincidentally they are both purple in colour.

Embroidered blouseOne is decorated with swirls of ric-rac and applique flowers, interspersed with beads.

Wooden beadsFor the other, I used only wooden beads which I salvaged from another blouse with very sheer fabric, and stitched them on to this purple blouse.

At age 93, I still derive much joy from my handiwork. I thank the good Lord for blessing me with such simple pleasures and good friends to cheer me on.