The Cheongsam Challenge: Day 8

The colour red is festive, passionate, fiery on the one hand, while on the other, it is used to signal danger. Did anyone say it’s the colour of Santa too? Yes, indeed it is.

However, when a 93-year young lady dresses in a soothing shade of chilli red, punctuated with dainty embroidered flowers, it speaks volumes… which can be surmised in one word…. WOW!

I realise there is a name to describe that type of fabric, but for the life of me, I cannot remember what it is called. (That is the 93-year young brain for you!)

For contrast and to enhance the powerful red, I chose citrine accessories (which happen to complement the pale golden satin trim around the collar and side shoulder opening with Chinese buttons) plus my red bow sandals.

Alright, now that I am all ready and dressed for Day 8 of Suzanne’s Cheongsam Challenge – shall we go paint the town RED?

Have a lovely day and God bless us all.


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