The Cheongsam Challenge: Day 9

A very good Sunday morning to one and all.

I wish to thank everyone who has been following Suzanne’s Cheongsam Challenge diligently, and I hope you will like my Day 9 ensemble today. Each new day your kind comments serve as an encouragement to continue sharing my cheongsam collection with you.

Today feels like a ‘green day’ so I am wearing a brocade cheongsam in an eye-catching emerald green with circlets of gentle silver florets. The texture of the fabric lends itself well to emphasizing a well-cut and tailored outfit…don’t you agree?

While colour experts say green represents growth and also is the colour of jealousy! Hmm, I think ’emerald green’ still is the most apt way to describe the rich colour of this cheongsam fabric.

As the overall fabric pattern is rather subtle, I opted for a diagonal right shoulder opening, highlighted with a purple satin trim around the collar, sleeves and hem edges. For the Chinese buttons in the same purple satin, I chose rather flowery-shaped ones. What a marvellous colour combination this is. Emerald green and purple.

To echo the dainty silver florets, I accessorized with an all crystal set. And yes, I strung them up myself….even till now at 93, I still like creating ‘bling’, as the younger generation calls jewellery.

Oh, and paired with pale silvery-gold filigree evening sandals, I think the ensemble is ‘complete’ for an elegant night out on the town?

CC9- 30 Nov 2017

I wish everyone a day that is blessed with peace and joy!






4 thoughts on “The Cheongsam Challenge: Day 9

  1. Absolutely fabulous
    It is a rich combination of colours
    The sandals are the perfect with the bling jewellery

    Thank you for sharing your collection


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