Clothes Pegging My Fingers For Health!

Suzanne's Reflex-ClampingAfter reading Mildred Carter’s book on “Hand Reflexology: Key to Perfect Health”, in which she uses reflex clamps to clamp one’s finger tips and in between the fingers, as a form of self-reflexology, I started to do the same.  However,  in place of the ‘reflex clamps’, I use the humble plastic clothes pegs.

I carry the clothes pegs everywhere with me and whenever I have idle hands for a few minutes, I clip them on my finger tips, ensuring that the cushiony pads of the fingers are included.

For my knuckles, I use clothes pegs too, but the ones with the bulging curved ends, that fit easily around the fingers or knuckles.

When I started working on my fingers with these clothes pegs, I could only take them 1-2 minutes at a time, but after repeated use, I am able to leave them on for up to 10-15 minutes per session.

Soon after using the pegs a few times, I began to notice small improvements to my overall health.  I believe the results of constant use will turn out differently for each individual.

When the finger tips are pegged for a few minutes at a time,  the circulation in one’s system is activated and if one reads about reflexology,  it explains the details more clearly.

Here are a few links on the subject, which might interest some of you…(please click on the blue topics):

* About reflexology

* Tips by Mildred Carter Reflexology

* Hand Reflexology

On a closing note, please remember that this is what I do regularly and it is working well in my favour. However, if anyone is uncertain, it is best to first consult with your doctor before trying anything new.

Until the next time, Amen.


Style At Any Age

Suzanne and Tony - a stylish couple at 88 and 89 this year.

Suzanne and Tony – a stylish couple at 88 and 89 this year.

We chanced upon a blog by a young man named Ari Seth Cohen who is waking the world to the fact that advancing in age can be made so much more interesting with one’s own sense of style.

While Ari is preoccupied with talent-spotting ladies in New York City and bringing them into the spotlight via his Advanced Style blogspot, all ladies around the world will surely be able to identify with the varied thoughts of the ‘stars’ of Ari’s blog and about how they have arrived at their own stylish equilibrium, through the years.

It is a most noble undertaking, what Ari is doing, as beauty evolves with maturity and one’s style takes on many forms. Most interestingly, the end result is unique to every individual.

Read more about Ari’s wonderful efforts in Ari Seth Cohen’s Portraits of Older Women in New York Times.

I so enjoy seeing how the ladies featured in his blog live life to the fullest and dress to the nines for no or any occasion on a daily basis. Such joy they derive from doing so, if not to please others, then just to please themselves.

And do you think these ladies are concerned about what others think of them? NOT AT ALL…just as an example, here are a few links you MUST click on to and READ:

Always look your best

Don’t try to look younger, just look as wonderful as you can

I don’t want to look younger…

So ladies (and gentlemen), think about it, and brighten up your days by dressing up to your heart’s desire! You do not have to be in New York to do so, wherever you are is just fine! Amen…

Suzanne & Tony

On A Positive Dance Note…..

As all researchers have found, exercise at any age can only bring on positive vibes to your mental and physical well-being.

One way to exercise and to have fun whilst at it, is to take up dance lessons – no matter what your age. This Chinese lady shows you how she ‘dares to be different’, and is enjoying herself immensely…please click here to see her in action.

If you are not convinced about the positive benefits her zest for life does for her, just read on about the benefits of dancing for health in this link.

Naturally, when you are game to dance as a form of   exercise, it fuels your positive outlook on life, which in itself, is a   powerful source to keep you on the right track to keeping you feeling better   about everything… please click here for more on the health benefits of Positive Thinking.

We are up to dancing at the drop of a pin — are you? Smile and stay positive in every way!


Singing for joy and good health!

Suzanne blowing balloons to strengthen her lung capacity

I took singing lessons at the age of 72 (16 years ago), and was told I had to increase the capacity of my lungs by blowing balloons daily. So I blew about three balloons, two times a day, on the average.  You have to blow till it is large enough, but not too much that it bursts. Those days, I used to get a supply of balloons from Beijing, which seemed stronger than the ones made here.

This exercise helped increase the strength and volume of my voice, which my voice teacher categorized as ‘timbre’.

I am happy to sing along with the choir at church – and though I am the most senior in age amongst the members of the two different choir groups I am part of – when we are singing, we are all tuned into the same happy wave length. I sometimes sing solo at church or upon request at special social gatherings, which I totally enjoy as it gives me the chance to share my God-given gift with others.

Suzanne amidst a sea of happy faces – part of the church choir at Christmas

At the same time, so say the researchers, singing brings about positive vibes to one’s health system.

It is all about bringing more oxygen into the lungs while exhaling carbon dioxide, which in turn leads to increased alertness and linked to better overall health.…. Perhaps you should read more about it by clicking here.

The article also quotes one singing coach on the subject of singing: “It is almost indescribable…’s an incredible endorphin rush…you feel like you have a spring in your step….”  That is probably how all singers, amateurs or otherwise, feel after singing their hearts out.

In another article about Singing to Your Health, it tells more about how singing helps to improve the health in different ways… please click here to read more on this subject. 

The above-mentioned article also mentions that singing contributes to keeping asthma at bay – much like balloon blowing does. I am sure both activities have been helpful in some way, towards keeping my occasional asthma under control – of course, in my case, I practise deep breathing and do my finger yoga (Mudras) exercises on a daily basis as well (more on Mudras in a different post).

If interested to read more about how balloon-blowing is beneficial for health, please click on the following links: Balloon blowing and health and Lung exercises with balloons.

So my motto is: It is never too late to sing or to exercise – here’s to improving our health, the fun and happy way!


S-T-R-E-T-C-H-I-N-G For Flexibility….

People often remark on how fleet-footed I am, even with my heels. At 87 going on 88, that must seem quite interesting to others, though I do not notice it myself.

Perhaps my usual calf-stretching routine has played an important role in keeping my lower leg muscles well-toned and strengthened…this is what I do, a few times a day when I feel the need to stretch my calf muscles.

First, I make sure my leg muscles have been warmed up before going on a wooden foot bench, the incline of which, is adjustable.

I stand on the wooden incline for about 10 minutes each time, as I am so used to it (hence the length of time I stand in that position is comfortable for me).

My calves feel so good when I get off the wooden foot bench. While my calf muscles stretch, I breathe normally and in this case, I enjoy the view too.

NOTE: (These exercises work for me, as I have done them for years. For beginners, all keep fit routines need to be consulted with their own medical practitioners before embarking on anything.  If there is sharp pain, please stop.)

Read about the Top 5 Benefits of Stretching and the Mayo Clinic shows the way to stretch safely with  Top 10 Stretching exercises

Enjoy your keep fit routines…Amen.


93 year old still teaches yoga….!

The last few weeks have kept us busier than bumble bees…. hence we have not been able to share posts on a more regular basis, but will be back on track next week.

In the meantime, we are so pleased to share this video snippet with everyone – in case some may not have seen it – it is of a 93-year old teaching yoga and up-keeping a busy social calendar.

If she can do it, so can we.  May this be another source of inspiration to all..

Toodles for now and God Bless.


Threading gives my face a natural sheen….

At 87 going on 88, Suzanne has been threading her face for over sixty years and has not stopped.


I have been using the threading method to clear my face of unwanted facial hair since my mid-20s. It is an age-old method passed down through the generations and was taught to me by my mother-in-law.

It is probably one of the reasons for the natural sheen on my face – even before I apply any make up – which in any case, is minimal. Of late, due to the hot climate, I sometimes dispense with any make up base, and what you see on my face is ‘just me’.

The method makes use of a cotton thread positioned in such a way, that it moves along the face (guided by your two hands) and in a lasso motion, tugs out the hair right out of the follicle, root and all…… that is, if it is done in the right way!

Naturally it hurts in the beginning, similar to tweezing or waxing, but this is the most hygienic and fastest of ways, as it uses only clean thread and in one fell swoop, the hairs are removed.  After a while, as with tweezing, the ‘pain’ is not felt so sharply as your skin gets used to it.

How often you need to thread your facial hair, will depend on the individual, I would say, though it is suggested that it takes up to 6-10 weeks for the hairs to grow out again.

Nowadays, I am sure there are such services in the salons (correct me if I am wrong) but if you learn to do it correctly at home, it can be applied at any time at your convenience.

For more information on this technique, check these out: facial threading, hair threading, threading 101, tweezing vs waxing vs threading.

Have to go thread my face now…. till the next time, God Bless.