Mary’s Kitchen

Cooking is my passion, and I love trying new recipes all the time. When my dishes are appreciated, it spurs me on to try even more new culinary creations.

Some say my dishes are ‘better than the best local restaurant in town’, that makes my day! My ‘acar’ and ‘sambal belachan’ are said to be top of the charts, and I receive many orders for them. Baking consumes a lot of my time as well, as some of my cakes and pastries are made for special requests.Β In between, I tend to my garden as I do believe I have ‘green fingers’. And I absolutely adore dogs, we used to have several pet dogs at home, but now, we only babysit our friends’ pets every now and then.

Bon Appetit!


15 thoughts on “Mary’s Kitchen

  1. Hi Mary, yes, you are da bomb! i’ve been blessed to have had all those dishes and more – bombe alaska, kuih lapis, your choc chiffon cake, AWESOME! you are a legend Mary, go Mary! watch out and hope you’re ready, you’ll be the next celebrity chef without even trying πŸ™‚ love you Mary xox

    • Hello Pamela,

      Thank you for all your kind compliments…your mother -aunty Gloria -is also a fabulous chef….
      It’s almost CNY and we are busy baking to fulfill orders…wishing you and your family Kung Hei Fatt Choy. Much love and God bless, Mary.

  2. Hi Mary! Wah, becoming a celebrity already. Yes, I have to agree with everyone. I simply love your kuih lapis! Dah BEST!!!! I hope my mommy will be able to join you in the kitchen some days. She loves cooking/baking too but no one to share her passion with. I believe you are the best person to be her cooking & baking buddy. I will see you soon during CNY!
    How are the kitties doing? Love….HH

    • Hi Hilda, thank you for your flattering compliments. I personally take pride in preparing this Dutch Layer Cake (kuih lapis) as the secret recipe was passed on to us by a nonya who originated from the Dutch East Indies (now known as Indonesia). See you during CNY. By the way, the kitties are all strays.
      Love, Mary

  3. Hi Mary! How are you??? Once upon a time a few of us, Ann’s classmates, were invited to the house you were staying in Muar. The mee you prepared for us was so delicious. We call it Mee Mary. Cannot forget that taste!!

    • Hi Cecilia, I am fine and pleasantly surprised that you still remember enjoying the fried mee when you and friends visited us at Muar. Should you next visit us here, I shall prepare the same dish for your eating pleasure. You are in our prayers.

  4. Hi Mary,
    I agree that you ARE THE GREATEST COOK!!!I’ve had the privilege of tasting most of your cooking—yummy!!!
    Keep it up and I hope I’ll always be invited to taste your cooking

    • Hi Julie,

      Thanks for the compliment. Before we forget, you and mum (and si-pek) are invited for our Christmas Eve dinner on DEC 24th art 7.00 p.m.


  5. Dearest Jan and Rainer,

    Thanks you for your valuable comment. Shall also look forward to your being with us in the not too distant future. Hope you both are well. Don’t wait until Uncle & Aunty’s 70th anniversary!

    Love and kisses,

  6. Mary is indeed the best, now we can continue where we left off….. Thank you so very much for all those wonderful hours we had in your kitchen, and the lovely food you always prepared when we were/are there. We look forward to more when we come back.

    Hugs and kisses
    Jan and Rainer

  7. Absolutely! Mary is the BEST. I had the good fortune and pleasure of trying your cooking while you were in England and again when I visited Penang last year. I am still using some of the recipes you left for me. Thank you Mary. Love Annie

    • Dear Annie,

      Lovely to hear from you, and thank you for being such an enthusiastic and good ‘student’….too.

      Any new recipes lately?

      Love, Mary

  8. Yes. Mary is the Best…all foods and cakes were superb & so delicious from Mary’s kitchen. Try it and you will see πŸ™‚ I highly recommend to all. ….. I am glad that i am lucky & have many many chance to try and to enjoyed your cooking now and then….Way to Go, Mary. God Bless You & your Kitchen. Cheers!

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