Suzanne’s Keep Fit Secrets

86 going on 87

From my early teens, I realised the importance of keeping as healthy as possible. In later years, I read and practised every possible mode of keeping fit …as I place a lot of importance on the adage that ‘health is wealth’. In so doing, I have been approached by many, for the ‘secrets’ of my keep fit regime.

I am always more than pleased to share my knowledge with anyone who wants to know and is willing to learn, hence with this blog, I hope that more people will be able to know more about my fitness routines.

There are many ways to keep healthy, but the main requirements are: You must WANT to keep fit, otherwise you will not work on all these routines religiously, which is a must.


21 thoughts on “Suzanne’s Keep Fit Secrets

  1. Hello Suzanne

    We received the message that you celebrated your 88th birthday on the 5th august.
    But you look like 66 or less.

    We wish you all the best for the future. Good health and a lot of fun.

    Your internet site is very good. I’m very impressed how fit you are.

    We will stay in Penang between the 16th and 27th October this year. So we will contact you, maybe we could meet you both.

    looking forward to seeing you again
    Monika and Juerg
    from Switzerland

    • Hello Monika and Juerg,
      Thank you for your nice compliment and am glad that you like reading the contents of our blog.
      I praise and thank God for my good health which is the result of my daily simple exercises for
      many years. We should be happy to meet up with you again if we are not on vacation ourselves.
      Suzanne & Tony

  2. Hi Suzanne and Tony and Mary

    Do you remember when we visited you all with Annette & Geoff. We have fond memories of that time together and I still have the pearls you gave to me, Susanne. I hope you see this as I did not know you had a blog and owe this to tony’s latest email.
    I’m sure you know by now that sadly Joan passed away some weeks ago – we were at her funeral.

    Many good wishes and love from

    Jan & Len

    • Hi Jan & Len, Thanks for your response and hope you like reading our blog about what we do to keep fit.
      Yes, we were informed by Annette about her mom Joan’s return to the Lord. We had offered prayers and a Mass for the repose of her soul. Did you like the VAL creations of 11 scarves? VAL is our daughter.
      We often discuss about you all whom we cherish.
      Love and God bless, Suzanne & Tony

      • Hi again Suzanne

        Was lovely to see your reply and yes I loved the scarves and I know Val is your daughter – you are both so talented and it’s wonderful you share all your creativity with others.

        Love & Best Wishes to you all

        Jan & Len xx

  3. Hi Suzanne

    I loved the article on you “Fit as a fiddle”…I hope can age as gracefully as you.

    I would like to learn beading from you, nothing like learning from the expert!

    How can I contact you?

  4. dear suzan

    i was really amazed to read your article. I am in my mid fifties n like to et some tips on health and like to learn needle work from you . How could i reach you.

    awaiting your reply.


    • Hello Melody,
      Thank you for viewing our blog. Please keep tuned in…(as I do what is right for me….but some other tips for generic use will be highlighted soon….)

  5. hello suzanne can you tell me how you comb your hair in different directions to keep it black?
    i have grey hair problems im 81 years old.

  6. Dear Suzanne,
    If not because of the City Day holiday yesterday, I don’t think I would have read the article “Fit as a fiddle’. I was so inspired you can do such an act at the age of 87 and you didn’t look that age too! Wonderful, amazing! Keep it up. I hope I can be like you when I reach that age. I too like to exercise and keep fit.
    Thank you for the wonderful article!
    Love from S. Y. Ong

    • Dear S.Y.Ong,
      I wished I knew a friendlier way of addressing you. It is amazing what a news article could do to make so many people viewing our blog. By the grace of God, you too can emulate me with keeping fit exercises. Just believe in yourself and the Lord will do the rest.
      Hugs from Suzanne

  7. I am so inspired after reading todays STAR2 which featured your story. BRAVO!! Please continue to share your knowledge & wisdom

  8. Wow! Auntie Sue you look fantastic!!! It’s in the genes, Ann is just like you in every way. Congratulations!!!

    • Hello Cecilia, thank you for your compliments. As I am aging I discovered that I should do a lot of exercises to keep fit. My exercises are simple ones that do not make me perspire profusely. My recommendation for a healthy life is to exercise, without which we could age faster.

  9. Dear Annette and Geoff,

    Yes, this is indeed something new for us too and are enjoying it as we go along. This is a good way of keeping close touch with our contacts and also reviving memories of old times. Hope you both are keeping well and our love to Joan and Fenton too.

    Love and hugs,

  10. Dear Suzanne

    Thank you for your wonderful blog and inspiring and encouraging exercise program.
    Geoff and I feel very blessed to have been able to spend just a little amount of time with you and Tony. It is a time we will never forget and will treasure forever.

    Keep up the good work as you stil look amazing and as beautiful as ever. We feel you haven’t changed a bit in the past nine years.

    Continue the good work. We will look forward to your updates.

    Annette & Geoff

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