Palm-combing Activates Blood Circulation

Palm-combing Suzanne at 91

For years, I have been reading about the activation of blood circulation using various methods.

In traditional Chinese combing or brushing therapy, the focus is on the head (which I have discussed in the post :100 Brush Strokes A Day (please click here to read it).

Some books advise the pressing of the teeth of a comb on the fingertips, thumb and across the reflexes on the palm, while others have advised the combing of the palm and the back of the palm.

Personally, I find that using the comb to lightly comb the palm from the wrist out towards the fingertips and the same on the back of the palm, is an easy and effective way to awaken the reflex points across the palm surface and the back of the palm surface.


Suzanne combing her palm - for blog

Suzanne combing the back of palm - for blog


I hope you too will find this simple method easy and effective in helping with blood circulation.


100 Brush Strokes A Day…

Since the Fit As A Fiddle story in Star2, several enquiries have come in, about how I brush my hair.  So for everyone’s information, here is a short explanation with pictorial for easy understanding.

I have never dyed my hair and do not use any fancy lotions or potions. All through the years, for as long as I can remember,  I have been brushing my hair with 100 strokes in the morning upon waking up, and another 100 strokes before going to bed at night. No special brushes for me either… you can see, I use these simple plastic brushes (which one might use to brush one’s hair with, while shampooing under the shower).

With one brush in each hand, I start to brush 50 strokes to cover the whole head – from the front edge of my scalp, backwards, right till the ends of my hair. As my hair is very short, my brush strokes end at about the edge of my scalp.

Thereafter, I bend my head forward a little, to let my hair brush downwards easily. With a brush in each hand, I start at the base of my head, brushing 50 strokes forward till the ends of my hair.

There is a lot said and written about the benefits of ‘100 brush strokes of your hair daily’, but whatever anyone says, I take it as an ‘exercise for the scalp’. After each brushing, my scalp tingles  – as the blood circulation has been stirred into motion.  I think it has helped in keeping my grey hair at bay over the years. You might say I was a late bloomer with the greying of my hair.  Even now, my hair is not completely white yet.   

Praise the Lord!