The Cheongsam Challenge: Day 6

Good day to everyone! Trust you are off to a well-coordinated day?

As a batik sarong fabric enthusiast, I have them in many bright colour tones but this particular cheongsam has been fashioned out of a classic blue on blue and white!

This being Day 6 of Suzanne’s Cheongsam Challenge, it gives me great delight to show you my ‘porcelain coloured’ outfit!

To bring the blues out of their safe zone, I paired it with coral accessories (which incidentally, are my own creations).

CC6 - 27 Nov 2017

I am wearing plain black sandals with this cheongsam (and sorry to not be able to show it in this photograph.)

At 93, you can say “A cheongsam a day, keeps Suzanne happy and the blues at bay”!

God bless us all and have a wonderful day.