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Gratitude & HappinessFollowing closely on the heels of Suzanne and I being mentioned favourably, in a recent blog post of Seniorsaloud (click here to read), we woke up yesterday to find a generous snippet dedicated to my recent birthday celebration, in the Northern Edition of the Star newspaper (click here to read)!

With the superlative comments from Lily Fu of Seniorsaloud and its readers, plus the well-wishers resulting from the news in the Star, it has certainly made us feel particularly blessed by the good Lord.

As the topic in Seniorsaloud blog touched on the subject of happiness, may we share with one and all that without gratitude, there is no happiness….only the fleeting distraction of passing pleasures that grow less consequential with the passing years.

On that note, you might wish to read more (click here) on ‘why living a life of gratitude can make you happy’ and ‘how gratitude can change your life’ (click here).


Suzanne Celebrates 88!

88. An auspicious number, one might say, but to my fun-loving wife Suzanne, every birthday is more reason to celebrate than the last. Each year she enjoys sharing her special day with loved ones and close friends. Always a joyous occasion spent in good company over a tasty dinner, filled with laughter, song and camaraderie.

The higher the number, it seems, the more the joy! For this 88th birthday, she slipped on her red, ankle-length cheongsam, embroidered in gold thread down the front, with the dragon and phoenix (hand-carried from China).  She never ceases to amaze me with her zest for life and her boundless energy! Not forgetting that she looks so stylish in her cheongsam.

Esther insisted on baking her famous chocolate cake, much to the delight of the 50+ friends present. The piano teacher and baking enthusiast was aptly delighted with all the positive comments.

The menu was fabulous – yet again another reason we return to this restaurant to celebrate many a special occasion.  It may not be the fanciest looking restaurant in town but the all important factor is the good food.

There must have been zillions of photos snapped by our paparazzo – Jack. One could have mistaken his one flashing camera for a whole team of paparazzi.

To Esther, Jack and all the singers who helped to keep the rhythm going, including entertainers like the inimitable John with his pack of table tricks….and to all our closest and dearest friends and family – thank you for being with us on this very memorable occasion – we love you all very much.

Thank you Lord for giving us such fine friends and guardian angels in disguise….to see us through each and every day.  On a final note, we pray to Our Lady and wish her a Happy Birthday too…..



A Celebration Of Life And All Its Colours

A series of original, limited edition scarves, designed with passionate attention to aesthetic details – has just been launched by VAL, and it so happens, she is our daughter.

Her collection of 11 silk chiffon scarves, entitled CELEBRATION, includes two designs which are especially close to our hearts, and are based on: (1) The Blue Window which captures the tranquility of church stained glass works of Jesus and Our Lady, with light shining in through the window panels, while the other (2) Our Lady’s Prayer, is all about Our Lady with the Hail Mary prayer and a rosary as part of the design.

Please CLICK HERE to go into her blog.

To view the full collection in the attached pdf, please CLICK on Celebration – by VAL

God Bless

Baking for special occasions…

Chocolate, walnuts, cream.......

We used to bake-a-cake-a-day for tea-time, but in true Malaysian style, friends who come a visiting before 4pm, bring along some local treats (as every meal is like a feast of different proportions).  In so doing, the traditional cake-baking has slowly but surely been relegated to only special occasions…(of which there are many).

In the last weeks, Mary’s been busy baking for special orders, filling the house with mouth-watering aromas of newly-baked goodies wafting out of her Kitchen ….

‘Tis also the time for the preparation of Christmas goodies, and I am sure  many will be busy baking for family and friends…may your homes be filled with fun-filled hours of camaraderie (in the kitchen) as everyone pitches in to help…!

Time to stop for today – our Church community friends are coming over soon for a potluck dinner. This time, its a pre-Christmas celebration…. (any reason is good enough for a gathering of friends over a meal).

Cheerio and God Bless….!


A cosy dinner at the E&O Hotel, to celebrate our 63rd Anniversary.

Suzanne and I are new to blogging… and while we have so much to write about, we are not quite sure where to begin.  Initially, we were planning to launch our blog on our 63rd Anniversary two months ago… so perhaps it is not too late to share a photo of our cosy dinner at the grand dame of Penang, the E&O Hotel.

We have celebrated many an entertaining evening at the E&O Hotel, from as early as the 50’s, during the hotel’s hey day as a hub of social gatherings. Suzanne, always dressed in her elegant best, whether it was an evening dress of that fashion era or in her favourite cheongsam, was always the ‘belle of the ball’. We cut a handsome figure, (so says our daughter) on the dance floor, and, always in the company of good friends, we truly cherish those memories.

Later on, we frequented E&O Hotel too, but more to enjoy weekend evenings at the then 1885 Lounge, where the talented Albert and Nancy Yeoh entertained the guests with their timeless renditions of songs from around the world.  Albert with his magic fingers twinkling on the ivories, and Nancy with her unique singing style, and her famous chandelier earrings.

Over the years, while the Hotel has taken on a new look, we still head to 1885 for special dinner occasions, savouring the good memories each time.

Recently, Suzanne and I were interviewed by a lady from the E&O Hotel about our experiences there, and possibly we might be accorded a small mention in the annals of their glamorous history.

 Until the next time….