The Cheongsam Challenge: Day 20

CC20 - 12 DEC 2017

Good day to everyone, in eleven days it will be Christmas and much is to be done in preparation for it.

Christmas is a time to stop and reflect on the hope for PEACE on Earth and how one person can make a difference!

It is easy to start with oneself. We need to be at peace with ourselves first, then make peace within our families and with our relatives, friends and neighbours. Like a stone thrown in a pond, it creates a ripple in the water, which will then spread far and wide.

So on Day 20 of Suzanne’s Cheongsam Challenge, I wish everyone a meaningful contribution towards bringing about peace to all around us.

My cheongsam for today is fashioned from fine silvery fabric with mirror circlets embroidered into the hem area which spreads out into the top half of the outfit. The scalloped edges with slivers of fringe finish the sleeves and hem delicately.  Naturally, the lining of white seemed to be the most appropriate colour for this cheongsam.

My pearl and coral accessories and self-beaded red sandals add just the right contrast to the ensemble. At 93, I think it is alright to wear a bit of glitz in the day too!

Did someone say white-red-green are the colours of Christmas? Well yes, but to me, the WHITE represents purity of heart while the RED is for the passion to do good, and the GREEN represents freshness and renewal/growth!

Merry Christmas and may there be PEACE in your hearts.

God bless.


The Cheongsam Challenge: Day 3

Three done, about_____┬ámore to go!! I am referring to the number of cheongsams I have in my humble collection. Seeing as how I am 93, the cheongsams just kept creeping into my closets over the years – without much fanfare! Would anyone care to guess how many more are yet to be included in my Cheongsam Challenge?

Some are more suited for day and others for evening. Today being Day 3 of Suzanne’s Cheongsam Challenge, I chose to wear a batik piece, with a bold and dramatic zig-zag pattern in maroon and navy blue that runs down the front, while the more subdued tiny leafy pattern adorns the back and sleeves. There is no opening that runs across the front shoulder so as not to vie for attention with the fabric pattern.

I have paired it with black sandals though you do not see it in the photograph. The green accessories add a touch of contrast to the whole outfit.

The Christmas tree is a miniature reminder that it is ‘Christmas everyday’ hence it is up all year round!

Have a wonderful start to the week and God bless.