Two Stepping Suzanne

Suzanne (with hat) climbs up the steep flights of brick stairs easily with a gentleman's arm for light support

In December 2011, we decided to visit Penang Hill to test out the new funicular train – and to an afternoon tea & scones treat at David Brown’s , as many of our young friends had recommended it to us over the years.

 We made it to the Hill with minimal queuing time, and after perhaps more than 30 yrs (?) since our last visit, we felt like tourists, stepping off the train into a cooler environment despite the hot late afternoon sun, filtering through the shady trees at the hilltop station.

After a quick tour of the vicinity, we headed towards the long-awaited highlight of the afternoon… but…. nobody told us about the massive number of steep steps we had to climb to get to our tea and scones!

Happily, with one hand on my godson’s arm, I made it up rather easily, with hardly a stop halfway up to catch my breath. Not bad at all for an 87 year old gal with low heeled sandals (if I may say so myself)!

 And, I might add, the traditional English afternoon tea, complete with delicate triangular sandwiches, cakes, tarts and scones, (Tony gave two thumbs up for the freshly made mulligatawny soup, which he was pleased as punch about) were well worth the climb up to the Monet-like garden setting.

Going down the same flights of brick-steps was a picturesque experience, as we took in the panoramic views around us and appreciated beautiful floral varieties that bloom so well in the cooler environs of Penang Hill.

Taking two steps at a time is all in her stride, when going up the stairs at home....

I owe my agility to the on-going exercises I have been doing over the years….which have helped to maintain and strengthen my leg muscles and joints.  One of my normal routines, which has become second nature to me, is to climb up the stairs at home, two steps at a time (though not when I am in my qipao or when wearing my heels). When I descend the stairs it is done one step at a time.

This research shares some facts about two-step-stair climbing….for those who might be interested to know more.



NOTE: Please remember, before you do any new keep fit routines, do consult your doctor for advice, and always work out in the safest way possible.