Craving For Curry Noodles?

When in this part of the world, one is always pondering about what culinary delight will be the highlight of the next meal (possible even as early as one day before).

It is akin to being a ‘national pastime’ – particularly when one realizes that tasty local fare abounds in Penang. A reputation that has spread far and wide, well beyond its geographical borders.

Whether in often uninteresting looking restaurants or from the hawker stalls, there is always a particular restaurant or vendor whose stall is more well-patronised than others. Such is the case with the ‘curry noodles’ or ‘curry mee’ in Penang.

As recent as mid-November, these sisters were publicised in the local daily for their famous curry noodle dish. Please click here to read all about it…

Another curry mee stall that we have been faithfully going to over the years is probably one of the city’s most well-kept secrets, though it has enough of a following at the Hillside, Tanjong Bungah area where it is located. To share this vendor’s location, here is the photo of the curry noodle stall and the chef himself… it is along the Jalan Sungei Kelian Road. Open for lunch, except on Thursdays.

Curry mee shop in Tg Bungah, Pg

We are thankfully fortunate to be in Penang where we enjoy easy access to these famous curry mee vendors….but what of our faraway friends who live in places that do not have such simple culinary joys of life within reach?

Then perhaps one might like to think of whipping it up in your own kitchen, the instant noodles way! The latest brand – MyKuali Penang White Curry Noodles – is said to be currently one of the best options available in a package. Try it if you can….. it is pretty good, if we may say so ourselves!

My Kuali Curry Noodles

Toodles for now….




Of Fresh Coconut Water, Curry Mee and….Durian Coffee

A mind-boggling concoction......

Sipping fresh coconut water out of its shell is one of the simple pleasures in life..

In’s World’s 50 Most Delicious Drinks the humble coconut water is included and rightly so. It happens to be our favourite refreshing drink in this hot and humid climate, especially when served in its own coconut shell. My preferred choice would have to be the coconuts from neighbouring Thailand, as the coconut water within the shell is usually gently fragrant with just the perfect natural sweetness.

While savouring a bowl of the best curry mee (curry noodles) in Penang (on the island at least) recently, and quenching our thirst with coconut water chilled in its shell, our contented gazes abruptly came to focus on a poster advertising Durian Coffee!

The mind boggles at the thought of Durian Coffee?? The first reaction was one of …. ‘eeeuuw, no thank you’ – inspite of the fact that we are all durian lovers. So if anyone out there has tasted this seemingly new flavor in instant coffee, please do share your opinions with us.

One wonders if the multitude of flavors found in the instant coffee sachets displayed on supermarket shelves do indeed satisfy the taste buds………. or are they just a constant ploy to entice the insatiable instant-coffee lover to continuously buy more ….?