The Cheongsam Challenge: Day 10

Pretty in Pink! That is what Day 10 of Suzanne’s Cheongsam Challenge looks like today.

Good day to everyone. This cheongsam is fashioned from a piece of fabric that is completely covered  with 3D organdie rosettes. It is ultra feminine and oh so light and gentle to the touch.

Not wanting to ‘trample’ on the rosettes, I did not have any front opening. Hence the silver grey satin trim is only for the collar and sleeve edges. And, the same trim is used for a simple, singular Chinese style button at the collar.

The ensemble is completed with simple accessories and my self-beaded pink sandals!

CC10- 1 DEC 2017

Seated outside against the garden setting, it was a good idea to sip my coffee from my favourite porcelain cup and saucer, adorned with a bird nestled among pink and white florets! (At 93, I still love drinking my beverages out of cups with cute decorations because it brings a smile to my face. In that way, I have remained young at heart.)

I thank the good Lord for the daily blessing of simple pleasures.

Have a wonderful day! God bless.




Penang: #1 Foodie Destination In The World

Penang #1 Foodie DestinationIn the festive flurry of the last few months, our gatherings with friends and relatives were made more memorable with the abundance of good food – Penang style.  For that, we graciously thank the good Lord for His blessings.

In Penang, the local fare has long been labeled as ‘the best’ in Malaysia. Now the reputation has spread far and wide, thanks to Robin Barton of Lonely Planet who placed Penang in the #1 spot of foodie destinations worldwide.

Click on the following news links to read all about it:

The Independent UK

The Star Malaysia

Time Out Penang  

As Robin Barton noted…. the most commonly heard phrase in this part of the world is…. “Have you eaten yet?”  which inevitably leads to… “join us for (a meal)….” or “let’s go for (a meal)….”. Hence, sussing out the best places that serve the tastiest local cuisine is a daily affair and practically a national pastime.

Until the next post, it is time to prepare some goodies from Mary’s Kitchen for tea.


“…4 Sold-Out Performances at the Sydney Opera House!”

2013 Sum Up

2013 was chock-a-block full of memorable happenings, with thanks to the good Lord for every little blessing which our family and friends received through the last year. May God continue to guide and bless us all through 2014 and beyond.

On the subject of thanks, we wish to express our appreciation for the continued interest in our humble blog. The efficient WordPress team informs us that we received 9,800 views last year, originating from 101 countries worldwide! The viewership is comparable to 4 sold-out performances at the Sydney Opera House which holds 2,700 people at full capacity.

We take this opportunity to wish everyone out there a healthy, happy, successful and prayerful year ahead!  Most of all, we wish and pray for Peace in the world.

God Bless

Smile And The World Will Smile With You

Every reason to smile, at 89! Amen.The easiest way to light up your face, uplift your mood and spread positive feelings, is to SMILE from within. That way, your eyes will smile too, and share all the good vibes with everyone.

There are many reasons why we should smile more, and you can read about the ‘Top 10 reasons to smile’ by clicking here.

My favourite reasons are:

–      Smiling lifts your mood

–      makes you look and feel happier and spreads the joy

–      makes you look more attractive

–      and most of all improves your well-being

Here in this photo, my recent 89th birthday joy shows through easily. We travelled abroad for a short holiday to mark the occasion.

It was a wonderful opportunity to meet new people, make new friends, enjoy new experiences. Most of all, it was precious family togetherness. Thank the good Lord for his daily blessings.

Remember to SMILE….at every opportunity, and the world will smile with you.


Be Thankful For Daily Blessings

Flowers and photo courtesy of Pauline O'Connor

Flowers and photo courtesy of Pauline O’Connor

Today, I received several images of colourful flowers from beautiful gardens overseas. These were sent by two different persons, who wanted to share the visual joy of nature’s gifts. As they were sent almost simultaneously, it made me feeI like I had just experienced ‘showers of blessings’.

I stopped in my tracks for a while…..

Firstly, to admire the delicate and fleeting gifts of nature, which we tend to take for granted.

Secondly, as nature is the creation of the good Lord, then perhaps…it is a reminder from above, to be even more thankful for His constant showering of blessings upon us.

We have to learn to recognize daily gifts from the Lord.  They could come in so very many forms. The good weather. Peace in the country. Good health. Happy families. Sincere friends. Laughter. Good companionship. Daily food and drinks. Nature’s beauty. The list goes on and on.

In return, we have to be grateful and thankful for every little blessing. While some of us easily express thanks in our own prayerful way, some others may stop short right there… they are unfamiliar with ‘how to pray’.

Naturally, there are several opinions on how to pray. As long as we are sincerely thankful for little miracles that come our way daily, we can open our heart to God and say “THANK YOU Lord, for …….”.

That, in all its simplicity, is as good as a prayer.

If you find this inspiring, please share it with your friends, as everyone needs to ‘know how to pray’.


In the News….

Gratitude & HappinessFollowing closely on the heels of Suzanne and I being mentioned favourably, in a recent blog post of Seniorsaloud (click here to read), we woke up yesterday to find a generous snippet dedicated to my recent birthday celebration, in the Northern Edition of the Star newspaper (click here to read)!

With the superlative comments from Lily Fu of Seniorsaloud and its readers, plus the well-wishers resulting from the news in the Star, it has certainly made us feel particularly blessed by the good Lord.

As the topic in Seniorsaloud blog touched on the subject of happiness, may we share with one and all that without gratitude, there is no happiness….only the fleeting distraction of passing pleasures that grow less consequential with the passing years.

On that note, you might wish to read more (click here) on ‘why living a life of gratitude can make you happy’ and ‘how gratitude can change your life’ (click here).


A Good Read: “…For the Salvation of the World” – ‘A Love Story About Mary’

Book by Gerard B Tall JrA few months ago, I wrote about an American gentleman named Gerard B Tall, Jr, who has written a book entitled “…For the Salvation of the World” – ‘A Love Story About Mary’, outlining the story of Mother Mary’s mission over the last 180 years.

Gerard has very kindly enabled a FREE updated electronic color copy of the book for easy download in your computer (in pdf format). Just click here please.

Oct - Dec 2012 & Jan-Mar 2013 Garabandal MagazinesAs we are on the subject of Our Lady (the Blessed Virgin Mary), for those who are interested in Garabandal and what it is all about, do check the website:

The Garabandal International quarterly magazine for the months of October – December 2012 carries an interesting cover story, as can be seen in the cover image (above left). At time of writing, the online magazine is still available – please click here to read.

The January – March 2013 issue will be available online very soon. Keep this link below for reference please:

Happy Reading and God Bless,

Director of Penang Garabandal Centre