Threading gives my face a natural sheen….

At 87 going on 88, Suzanne has been threading her face for over sixty years and has not stopped.


I have been using the threading method to clear my face of unwanted facial hair since my mid-20s. It is an age-old method passed down through the generations and was taught to me by my mother-in-law.

It is probably one of the reasons for the natural sheen on my face – even before I apply any make up – which in any case, is minimal. Of late, due to the hot climate, I sometimes dispense with any make up base, and what you see on my face is ‘just me’.

The method makes use of a cotton thread positioned in such a way, that it moves along the face (guided by your two hands) and in a lasso motion, tugs out the hair right out of the follicle, root and all…… that is, if it is done in the right way!

Naturally it hurts in the beginning, similar to tweezing or waxing, but this is the most hygienic and fastest of ways, as it uses only clean thread and in one fell swoop, the hairs are removed.  After a while, as with tweezing, the ‘pain’ is not felt so sharply as your skin gets used to it.

How often you need to thread your facial hair, will depend on the individual, I would say, though it is suggested that it takes up to 6-10 weeks for the hairs to grow out again.

Nowadays, I am sure there are such services in the salons (correct me if I am wrong) but if you learn to do it correctly at home, it can be applied at any time at your convenience.

For more information on this technique, check these out: facial threading, hair threading, threading 101, tweezing vs waxing vs threading.

Have to go thread my face now…. till the next time, God Bless.