What A Little Beads And Ric-Rac Can Do

Besides adorning my shirts, blouses and pants with hand-painted designs, I enjoy dressing up my clothes with hand-sewn beads and an assortment of braiding or ric-rac too.

Here are two of many of my blouses (which I sewed myself) – coincidentally they are both purple in colour.

Embroidered blouseOne is decorated with swirls of ric-rac and applique flowers, interspersed with beads.

Wooden beadsFor the other, I used only wooden beads which I salvaged from another blouse with very sheer fabric, and stitched them on to this purple blouse.

At age 93, I still derive much joy from my handiwork. I thank the good Lord for blessing me with such simple pleasures and good friends to cheer me on.


Dressing up plain pedal-pushers

..what a few beads and a little paint can do.....

My hands are never idle, as I am always creating something – or – praying! In this case, I painted leaf patterns and gave them life with some sewn on beads, onto my pedal-pushers and here they are, eye-catching and original.

At the age of 87, I can still see the eye of the needle and thread it with ease – Praise the Lord for that. A box of paint with bits and bobs is always within arm’s reach, so when inspiration hits, it is easy to let the artist in me go to work immediately….most of all, it gives me such joy to see the end result. Amen.