A Casual Style To Call My Own


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As some of you might have realized by now, I love to draw and paint! When I was a young home-maker, I used to paint on glass and canvases with which to decorate the home. That eagerness to ‘makeover’ a … Continue reading

Suzanne’s Creative Spirit

The good Lord has given everyone a creative streak, and in different people, it blossoms in different ways.

For me, I am thankful for the inspiration and ability to brighten up the world around me in many ways, using my art and needlework to express myself.

Besides giving a plain surface a bright new look, it gives one much joy and self-satisfaction to be able to create something good to look at, with relative ease.

My hobby has been noted by many people, and has been written up about too, in the Star – In The Creative Spirit 2006.

Being engaged in a fun hobby brings only positive vibes and some say, can be categorized as a stress reliever and even a form of meditative therapy.

Besides, topics like do hobbies make you feel younger and many others that recommend hobbies ranging from ‘service to others’ to ‘cooking’ and ‘creating’  – for any age group but particularly for the older generation (that depends again, on what your understanding of ‘older’ is)…to keep your brain working happily.

So find yourself a hobby – anything that gives you something to do and feel good about doing!