Hot Out of the Oven…..

Apple-Rosette Cupcakes for tea timeRecently, we were inspired by a recipe based on thinly sliced apples laid out on pastry strips, and rolled into rosette shapes…but before we could say ‘jack-in-the-box’, our cousin Pauline had come up with a pretty variation of the ‘apple rosettes’.

They turned out to be such lovely to look at, and oh so tasty tea-time bakes. Most of all, so easy to put together. Here we share Pauline’s ‘how-to’….. please click on Apple Rosette Cupcakes for more details.

Enjoy…and thank the good Lord for simple pleasures.


Baking for special occasions…

Chocolate, walnuts, cream.......

We used to bake-a-cake-a-day for tea-time, but in true Malaysian style, friends who come a visiting before 4pm, bring along some local treats (as every meal is like a feast of different proportions).  In so doing, the traditional cake-baking has slowly but surely been relegated to only special occasions…(of which there are many).

In the last weeks, Mary’s been busy baking for special orders, filling the house with mouth-watering aromas of newly-baked goodies wafting out of her Kitchen ….

‘Tis also the time for the preparation of Christmas goodies, and I am sure  many will be busy baking for family and friends…may your homes be filled with fun-filled hours of camaraderie (in the kitchen) as everyone pitches in to help…!

Time to stop for today – our Church community friends are coming over soon for a potluck dinner. This time, its a pre-Christmas celebration…. (any reason is good enough for a gathering of friends over a meal).

Cheerio and God Bless….!