Brushing For Bright Eyes!


Suzanne, 92, brushes her eyebrows several  times a day, upon waking up, after reading or watching tv.

Like every part of the body, one’s eye area needs to be ‘woken up’ after sleep or after an intense period of reading or looking at electronic gadgets!  Even when your eyes are feeling sluggish when suffering from sinus or a cold.

I just use a soft toothbrush and brush my eyebrows one at a time, starting from the inner end to the outer end. Repeat it a few times and it activates the blood circulation in the eye area…and immediately the tired eye feels revitalised.

Simple as that. If my eyelids are heavy with sleepiness, brushing my eyebrows helps to keep my eyes open.

Have a blessed day.


Suzanne: Stretching Is A Necessity

Suzanne stretching with rubber band stretcher 1

Photos of Suzanne were taken in 2012 at age 88, and she is still at the same routine today, at age 90

Photos of Suzanne were taken in 2012 at age 88, and she is still at the same routine today, at age 90

Hello there, it has been a long while since I last shared my keep fit tips online. As you know, I keep exercising on a daily basis to keep fit. One of the routines is to stretch my muscles.

Do read up on the benefits of stretching (click here and here to read) so you will know how important it is, especially when one advances in age.

As they say, if you don’t use the muscles, they will go to waste, so I make sure I stretch daily – as it is a simple but very necessary activity.

I find that stretching with a resistance band like the one in the photos, helps to deepen the stretch, which in turn, gives the muscles a better ‘strengthening work out’.  The photos above were taken in 2012, when I was 88, and I am still at it, at the age of 90. Praise the Lord!

But as in all cases, please know that I have been exercising and stretching for many years, and I know how my body adjusts to the different routines I have.

The smart thing to do is to know when to exercise caution. If in doubt, please consult your dr in advance for advice.

Wishing everyone a blessed week ahead!



Clothes Pegging My Fingers For Health!

Suzanne's Reflex-ClampingAfter reading Mildred Carter’s book on “Hand Reflexology: Key to Perfect Health”, in which she uses reflex clamps to clamp one’s finger tips and in between the fingers, as a form of self-reflexology, I started to do the same.  However,  in place of the ‘reflex clamps’, I use the humble plastic clothes pegs.

I carry the clothes pegs everywhere with me and whenever I have idle hands for a few minutes, I clip them on my finger tips, ensuring that the cushiony pads of the fingers are included.

For my knuckles, I use clothes pegs too, but the ones with the bulging curved ends, that fit easily around the fingers or knuckles.

When I started working on my fingers with these clothes pegs, I could only take them 1-2 minutes at a time, but after repeated use, I am able to leave them on for up to 10-15 minutes per session.

Soon after using the pegs a few times, I began to notice small improvements to my overall health.  I believe the results of constant use will turn out differently for each individual.

When the finger tips are pegged for a few minutes at a time,  the circulation in one’s system is activated and if one reads about reflexology,  it explains the details more clearly.

Here are a few links on the subject, which might interest some of you…(please click on the blue topics):

* About reflexology

* Tips by Mildred Carter Reflexology

* Hand Reflexology

On a closing note, please remember that this is what I do regularly and it is working well in my favour. However, if anyone is uncertain, it is best to first consult with your doctor before trying anything new.

Until the next time, Amen.


On A Positive Dance Note…..

As all researchers have found, exercise at any age can only bring on positive vibes to your mental and physical well-being.

One way to exercise and to have fun whilst at it, is to take up dance lessons – no matter what your age. This Chinese lady shows you how she ‘dares to be different’, and is enjoying herself immensely…please click here to see her in action.

If you are not convinced about the positive benefits her zest for life does for her, just read on about the benefits of dancing for health in this link.

Naturally, when you are game to dance as a form of   exercise, it fuels your positive outlook on life, which in itself, is a   powerful source to keep you on the right track to keeping you feeling better   about everything… please click here for more on the health benefits of Positive Thinking.

We are up to dancing at the drop of a pin — are you? Smile and stay positive in every way!


Singing for joy and good health!

Suzanne blowing balloons to strengthen her lung capacity

I took singing lessons at the age of 72 (16 years ago), and was told I had to increase the capacity of my lungs by blowing balloons daily. So I blew about three balloons, two times a day, on the average.  You have to blow till it is large enough, but not too much that it bursts. Those days, I used to get a supply of balloons from Beijing, which seemed stronger than the ones made here.

This exercise helped increase the strength and volume of my voice, which my voice teacher categorized as ‘timbre’.

I am happy to sing along with the choir at church – and though I am the most senior in age amongst the members of the two different choir groups I am part of – when we are singing, we are all tuned into the same happy wave length. I sometimes sing solo at church or upon request at special social gatherings, which I totally enjoy as it gives me the chance to share my God-given gift with others.

Suzanne amidst a sea of happy faces – part of the church choir at Christmas

At the same time, so say the researchers, singing brings about positive vibes to one’s health system.

It is all about bringing more oxygen into the lungs while exhaling carbon dioxide, which in turn leads to increased alertness and linked to better overall health.…. Perhaps you should read more about it by clicking here.

The article also quotes one singing coach on the subject of singing: “It is almost indescribable…’s an incredible endorphin rush…you feel like you have a spring in your step….”  That is probably how all singers, amateurs or otherwise, feel after singing their hearts out.

In another article about Singing to Your Health, it tells more about how singing helps to improve the health in different ways… please click here to read more on this subject. 

The above-mentioned article also mentions that singing contributes to keeping asthma at bay – much like balloon blowing does. I am sure both activities have been helpful in some way, towards keeping my occasional asthma under control – of course, in my case, I practise deep breathing and do my finger yoga (Mudras) exercises on a daily basis as well (more on Mudras in a different post).

If interested to read more about how balloon-blowing is beneficial for health, please click on the following links: Balloon blowing and health and Lung exercises with balloons.

So my motto is: It is never too late to sing or to exercise – here’s to improving our health, the fun and happy way!


S-T-R-E-T-C-H-I-N-G For Flexibility….

People often remark on how fleet-footed I am, even with my heels. At 87 going on 88, that must seem quite interesting to others, though I do not notice it myself.

Perhaps my usual calf-stretching routine has played an important role in keeping my lower leg muscles well-toned and strengthened…this is what I do, a few times a day when I feel the need to stretch my calf muscles.

First, I make sure my leg muscles have been warmed up before going on a wooden foot bench, the incline of which, is adjustable.

I stand on the wooden incline for about 10 minutes each time, as I am so used to it (hence the length of time I stand in that position is comfortable for me).

My calves feel so good when I get off the wooden foot bench. While my calf muscles stretch, I breathe normally and in this case, I enjoy the view too.

NOTE: (These exercises work for me, as I have done them for years. For beginners, all keep fit routines need to be consulted with their own medical practitioners before embarking on anything.  If there is sharp pain, please stop.)

Read about the Top 5 Benefits of Stretching and the Mayo Clinic shows the way to stretch safely with  Top 10 Stretching exercises

Enjoy your keep fit routines…Amen.


Two Stepping Suzanne

Suzanne (with hat) climbs up the steep flights of brick stairs easily with a gentleman's arm for light support

In December 2011, we decided to visit Penang Hill to test out the new funicular train – and to an afternoon tea & scones treat at David Brown’s , as many of our young friends had recommended it to us over the years.

 We made it to the Hill with minimal queuing time, and after perhaps more than 30 yrs (?) since our last visit, we felt like tourists, stepping off the train into a cooler environment despite the hot late afternoon sun, filtering through the shady trees at the hilltop station.

After a quick tour of the vicinity, we headed towards the long-awaited highlight of the afternoon… but…. nobody told us about the massive number of steep steps we had to climb to get to our tea and scones!

Happily, with one hand on my godson’s arm, I made it up rather easily, with hardly a stop halfway up to catch my breath. Not bad at all for an 87 year old gal with low heeled sandals (if I may say so myself)!

 And, I might add, the traditional English afternoon tea, complete with delicate triangular sandwiches, cakes, tarts and scones, (Tony gave two thumbs up for the freshly made mulligatawny soup, which he was pleased as punch about) were well worth the climb up to the Monet-like garden setting.

Going down the same flights of brick-steps was a picturesque experience, as we took in the panoramic views around us and appreciated beautiful floral varieties that bloom so well in the cooler environs of Penang Hill.

Taking two steps at a time is all in her stride, when going up the stairs at home....

I owe my agility to the on-going exercises I have been doing over the years….which have helped to maintain and strengthen my leg muscles and joints.  One of my normal routines, which has become second nature to me, is to climb up the stairs at home, two steps at a time (though not when I am in my qipao or when wearing my heels). When I descend the stairs it is done one step at a time.

This research shares some facts about two-step-stair climbing….for those who might be interested to know more.



NOTE: Please remember, before you do any new keep fit routines, do consult your doctor for advice, and always work out in the safest way possible.

Simple Yet Effective…..

As I have said many times before, I will try most any keep-fit routine that comes to my attention, to see if it suits me. At the same time, I always check with my medical practitioner, in this case, my TCM doctor, for his opinion before embarking on assimilating it into my daily list of ‘must-do’ exercises.

This came to our notice through an email, with instructions and explanation of benefits – and for your easy reading, we have recapped it as attached – Qigung exercise details. We tried to find the source of this qigong stance and to find out more about the benefits outlined, but realized that it was like looking for a needle in a haystack, as there are about 1000 or so qigong positions, each with a unique name to it. While this has been titled ‘Qikung Walking Exercise’, I am still trying to find the link to the ‘walking bit’…(as you must realise I am not a qigong expert).

Nevertheless, as encouraged by my TCM doctor, I started practicing this stance, which is supposedly meant to be held for at least 1 hour each day. It is good enough if done in 15-minute segments throughout the day.

Notice the 90 degree angles as shown in the photo? That is all important, per the set of instructions which also advises us to “Drink about 300cc of warm water before and after the exercises. Breathe normally. Don’t hold back your breath.  Using the energy from your waist and “Dan tian” to hold your legs in that posture as long as you can manage.”

Starting with only a 5-minute hold of the legs in this position a few weeks ago, I have arrived at the 15-minute stage, with only positive results to share with everyone. I felt a general sense of being ‘fine-tuned’, after the first few days of daily practice. Now as weeks have passed, I am truly delighted about how it has played a positive role in my well-being.

Needless to say, before trying out anything new yourself, do remember to check with your doctor, as he or she would know best.


Learn Something New Everyday….

Today, Suzanne and I were humbled to find ourselves included in the list of interesting achievers as well as illustrious octogenarians… in a post entitled ‘is it worth living till 90?’ by Our answer is…. most definitely… YES!

My siblings all lived into their 90s. I being the youngest in the family, am a freshly-minted 89, while my eldest sister is still of very sound mind and fuelled by a feisty zest for life at 97. In our own ways, we certainly make the most of our daily lives. By the grace of God, we look forward to enjoying more of our Golden Years, filled with blessings from above.

Besides keeping physically fit, Suzanne and I believe that one of the ‘tricks’ to keeping youthful is also to discover and learn new things constantly.  We are always eager to jump onto a new bandwagon of learning, so to speak, as new knowledge and interests spark up our whole mindsets. This then takes on a domino effect of sending positive and wellness vibes into the rest of our miraculous systems. 

Hence the ‘bright- eyed and bushy tailed’ looks that light up our faces when we have come away with new snippets of know-how, on subjects that up until then, were completely out of our comprehension and grasp.

The people at this site clearly explain the benefits of absorbing a new fact or two each day. Yes it is as simple as that, in an effort to keep ourselves interested and interesting to others around us.

Other links to help you along with easy access to enriching your knowledge with some pearls of wisdom:                                                                                     

Last but not least, some people subscribe to the practice of writing a list of ‘things to be thankful for’ on a daily basis.  We do the same, but in the form of prayers,  to thank and appreciate the good Lord for all our blessings. Amen.

A Note on Love….

In the whirlwind of all that revolves around love, Valentine’s Day has come and gone in a whiff, but love and relationships are here to stay with us all through the year.   No matter what people think of Valentine’s Day, we hope it serves itself well in reminding the world that what it needs is LOVE, sweet LOVE.

Some quotes by Mother Teresa…

It is not how much we do, but how much love we put in the doing. It is not how much we give, but how much love we put in the giving.

There is a terrible hunger for love. We all experience that in our lives–the pain, the loneliness. We must have the courage to recognize it. The poor you may have right in your own family. Find them. Love them .

Let us not be satisfied with just giving money. Money is not enough, money can be got, but they need your hearts to love them. So, spread your love everywhere you go.

If you judge people, you have no time to love them.

And, while we are on the subject, here is an article Give and Take (June 2006) on Suzanne published in STAR 2.

We are grateful for the love we have from our family and friends, and from the good Lord. Amen.