Upcycling Project: A Jade Necklace And Bracelet

I enjoy working on at least one creative project daily or every other day. As I always say, there is never a dull moment!

The creative process is all-consuming and keeps me busy, focused and at the end of it all, the lovely results keep me on a natural high!

One of my many creative, hands-on activities is to string together my own jewellery pieces. I have been doing it for years, and I even teach others to do the same, if anyone is interested to learn.

Suzanne at work on necklaceRecently a head-rest made out of jade had come undone, scattering all these cool-to-the-touch rectangle pieces all over the place. My first thought was to piece them back together, but then when I ‘saw’ the prettier alternative in my mind’s eye, I got to work immediately.

With the inspiration edging me on, I completed the upcycling project all in one afternoon and voila! I had fashioned a new necklace and bracelet set with the jade rectangular pieces. As the jade pieces were too heavy for the ears, this set, when worn, would have to be complemented with other jade earrings.

Suzanne with necklace and bracelet set

Every morning before leaving my room, I am always completely dressed – and that means with a full set of jewellery too….many of which are of my own handiwork of course.



Flower Power

Flower Power 2Everyone loves flowers. It is one of God’s most beautiful gifts to mankind. I could wax
lyrical for hours on the subject, as the creation of a flower is indeed a miracle in itself.Flower PowerWhile one can never replicate the amazing details of a flower in any man-made way,
I take pleasure in embellishing my pants and blouses with flowers and bringing
an otherwise flat drawing to life in many ways.

With the swish of the brush, a sprinkling of glitz, a dash of puffy paint, some lace
maybe, or a swirl of fabric. Perhaps a cluster of beads in the right colours?
Oh yes, of course, the colours are all important.

Do you begin to get a feel of how much joy the creation of my art-to-wear pieces
give me? Hence, once again, I recommend that everyone finds a hobby to indulge in.

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Flower Power 3If you need to brighten up your day, just go to the garden and pick a wildflower. Even the tiniest will do. Admire the miraculous creation and thank God for such beautiful gifts all around us. Amen.


A Casual Style To Call My Own


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As some of you might have realized by now, I love to draw and paint! When I was a young home-maker, I used to paint on glass and canvases with which to decorate the home. That eagerness to ‘makeover’ a … Continue reading

Suzanne’s Creative Spirit

The good Lord has given everyone a creative streak, and in different people, it blossoms in different ways.

For me, I am thankful for the inspiration and ability to brighten up the world around me in many ways, using my art and needlework to express myself.

Besides giving a plain surface a bright new look, it gives one much joy and self-satisfaction to be able to create something good to look at, with relative ease.

My hobby has been noted by many people, and has been written up about too, in the Star – In The Creative Spirit 2006.

Being engaged in a fun hobby brings only positive vibes and some say, can be categorized as a stress reliever and even a form of meditative therapy.

Besides, topics like do hobbies make you feel younger and many others that recommend hobbies ranging from ‘service to others’ to ‘cooking’ and ‘creating’  – for any age group but particularly for the older generation (that depends again, on what your understanding of ‘older’ is)…to keep your brain working happily.

So find yourself a hobby – anything that gives you something to do and feel good about doing!


Suzanne’s Art To Wear

Suzanne with some of her Art To Wear handiwork on blouses and pants.

My hands are never idle.  And when inspired to create, I must do so immediately – in whichever way available to me at that point in time. Hence, always within reach are my paint supplies, and a variety of haberdashery items that resemble little bits and bobs of treasure (to me anyway). Somewhat like a magpie’s nest, I would imagine!

I love expressing myself with collages of art on my blouses, t-shirts, pants, shoes, bags – on anything that takes my paint, beads, sequins, and appliqué work (At my age – 87 – I can still thread a needle with ease). I do get requests for special orders, which give me a buzz, as it is so much fun working on these pieces.

For years, I used to tailor outfits for everyone in my family including the children’s dolls and teddy bears.  I enjoyed giving sewing lessons to like-minded friends too.  My trusty Singer sewing machine has been with me since 1956 and still works well.

Keeping one’s mind actively working on something – anything – is akin to brain exercise…..and I am thankful for being able to enjoy this form of expressive art.  It not only gives me great satisfaction, but often, serves as a conversation ice-breaker, if ever in need of one!  Amen to that.