Suzanne’s Art To Wear

Suzanne with some of her Art To Wear handiwork on blouses and pants.

My hands are never idle.  And when inspired to create, I must do so immediately – in whichever way available to me at that point in time. Hence, always within reach are my paint supplies, and a variety of haberdashery items that resemble little bits and bobs of treasure (to me anyway). Somewhat like a magpie’s nest, I would imagine!

I love expressing myself with collages of art on my blouses, t-shirts, pants, shoes, bags – on anything that takes my paint, beads, sequins, and appliqué work (At my age – 87 – I can still thread a needle with ease). I do get requests for special orders, which give me a buzz, as it is so much fun working on these pieces.

For years, I used to tailor outfits for everyone in my family including the children’s dolls and teddy bears.  I enjoyed giving sewing lessons to like-minded friends too.  My trusty Singer sewing machine has been with me since 1956 and still works well.

Keeping one’s mind actively working on something – anything – is akin to brain exercise…..and I am thankful for being able to enjoy this form of expressive art.  It not only gives me great satisfaction, but often, serves as a conversation ice-breaker, if ever in need of one!  Amen to that.