Bird Art: Fashion Or Message Of Peace?

At the age of 92, I still indulge in my creative pursuits on a daily basis. It keeps me focused and in an artistic world of my own. When the work of art is completed, I derive much satisfaction from it, and if others admire it, my day is made!


For years, I have been painting freehand on clothing items like blouses, t-shirts, trousers and dresses. Using fabric paint, acrylics and a variety of embellishments wherever applicable, each piece of art is unique and one of a kind.

Although no two works of art are alike, I paint flowers and birds often. While I never cease to be fascinated by the variety of bird life and their tweets and whistles in my garden all day long, I tend to paint doves more often than not.

Purity and innocence best define the dove. For a Christian, it is a sign of hope and the descent of the Holy Spirit. It is also a sign of pure love and compassion, many sayings also insist, be gentle like a dove. It could be a hint to a compassionate and gentle individual. (…from

Some of my works on clothing are featured in the photograph – these were done as long ago as 2010 when I was 86. Recently, my daughter showed me images of beautiful outfits in the 2017 Spring Ready To Wear collection of Mary Katrantzou, which also feature doves! Aaah, such joy to see the gentle feathered friends being the focal point in designer outfits.


Whether the doves appear in my own creations or on the catwalks of Milan, Paris, New York and London, let us hope that the most important message they spread is one of PEACE and TRANQUILITY, much needed in the world today.


All Knotted Up…?

In the last few years, we discovered with much delight, the special novena to ‘Mary Undoer of Knots’ or ‘Mary Untier of Knots’ and are pleased to note that we share this favourite Marian devotion with Pope Francis (please click here for article).

The ‘knots’ in this context relates to the challenges in our daily lives for which we do not see any solution. In today’s world, the 300 year Marian devotion is fast gaining popularity far and wide, as it has been translated into several languages. It is interesting to note that it is not based on any apparition of the Virgin Mary.

Image of Mary Undoer of Knots painting (from Wikipedia)

Image of Mary Undoer of Knots painting (from Wikipedia)

For more indepth background information, do click here and for how to pray the novena, please click here.

To show its popularity through the ages, the devotion has its place in the Pinterest too. And, for mobile phone techies out there, there is even an App for this novena from itunes – click here to view.

While we are on the subject of Pope Francis, he happens to be the cover story of the APR-JUN 2013 issue of the 24-page Garabandal International magazine which is available online for your reading pleasure, please click here.

APR-JUN 2013 issue of Garabandal International magazine

APR-JUN 2013 issue of Garabandal International magazine

Until the next post, may all of us contribute towards a peaceful world, with more prayers and goodwill towards one another.


Our Lady’s Messages to the World

Followers of all Marian apparitions would know that wherever she has appeared, the Blessed Virgin Mary always left the visionaries with requests to pray for the good of mankind and peace in the world.


The messages of the Blessed Virgin Mary in her apparitions to four young children in San Sebastian de Garabandal, Spain during the years 1961 to 1965, can be read by clicking on Garabandal. 

For all who are interested in the latest updates on this subject, just click on the July-September 2012 issue of the Garabandal International Magazine for your online reading pleasure. The “Garabandal International” is published quarterly, by the Australian Garabandal International Apostolate.This latest issue also highlights the Penang Garabandal Centre on page 16.

The spectrum of apparitions all over the world

To outline all the apparitions of Our Lady over the years, would entail a lot of research and thankfully, it has been compiled into a book entitled …For the salvation of the World…..( A Love Story about Mary). Click here for more information and a free download of the most updated book.

I take this opportunity to remind all who believe in the power of praying the rosary, that 15 August 2012 is the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Till the next update, thank you for your interest in Our Lady’s messages to us.

Tony Lee
Penang Garabandal Centre

A Note on Love….

In the whirlwind of all that revolves around love, Valentine’s Day has come and gone in a whiff, but love and relationships are here to stay with us all through the year.   No matter what people think of Valentine’s Day, we hope it serves itself well in reminding the world that what it needs is LOVE, sweet LOVE.

Some quotes by Mother Teresa…

It is not how much we do, but how much love we put in the doing. It is not how much we give, but how much love we put in the giving.

There is a terrible hunger for love. We all experience that in our lives–the pain, the loneliness. We must have the courage to recognize it. The poor you may have right in your own family. Find them. Love them .

Let us not be satisfied with just giving money. Money is not enough, money can be got, but they need your hearts to love them. So, spread your love everywhere you go.

If you judge people, you have no time to love them.

And, while we are on the subject, here is an article Give and Take (June 2006) on Suzanne published in STAR 2.

We are grateful for the love we have from our family and friends, and from the good Lord. Amen.

3rd International Prayer Marathon – 5,6,7 Dec 2011

Join the International 72 hour Prayer Marathon

Mankind and our world need more prayers. Imagine what an international prayer marathon spread over 72 hours will do for your intentions, those of our Catholic Church and world Peace.

Write to with details such as : Name, city where you will be praying and time

The Timetable will be shown at:

It would be much appreciated if you can pray minimum an hour each day. The time will be the United Kingdom time zone.

To convert your location ‘s time please use this link: For those in Malaysia, it is equal to UTC+8 hrs

God Bless us all