A Penchant For Portraits

Portraits by SuzanneWhen deciding on the best subject for my art-to-wear projects, I suss out the available surface area and the would-be end result before I put paint to fabric.

Increasingly, I tend to paint portraits of ladies, as a close-up of a face allows for details of the make up, hair, earrings and necklace. All my drawings are done freehand, and I build on the design as I go along. It is the free flow of expression that is most enjoyable.

Penchant for Portraits

I do not keep a photographic library of all the completed art-to-wear pieces that have given me many a pleasurable hour spent in the creative process, but here are a few, to share with one and all. (My previous post on this subject can be read by clicking here).

If you have not found yourself a hobby to indulge in, please try to do so. It is most rewarding, in more ways than you will realise. Amen.