The Cheongsam Challenge: Day 7

Surprise! Surprise! I am not in a batik cheongsam today!

It is Day 7 of Suzanne’s Cheongsam Challenge and I have chosen to don a delicate golden mustard coloured silk cheongsam with a straight H-line cut. This is from Hong Kong. I love silk, even at the age of 93! Don’t you?

The front hemline and side shoulder opening are emphasized with embroidered green silk, while thin red and silver grey satin trimming around the collar and edge of hem and side slits echo the embroidery colours. At the collar, a simple swirly Chinese button stands alone.

CC7 - 28 Nov 2017

I tried not to hide the intricate embroidery on the bodice with chunky accessories, so it is just simple seed pearls as a necklace.

And …. my self-beaded creamy white and greyish sandals.

Have a wonderful day and God bless us all.