S-T-R-E-T-C-H-I-N-G For Flexibility….

People often remark on how fleet-footed I am, even with my heels. At 87 going on 88, that must seem quite interesting to others, though I do not notice it myself.

Perhaps my usual calf-stretching routine has played an important role in keeping my lower leg muscles well-toned and strengthened…this is what I do, a few times a day when I feel the need to stretch my calf muscles.

First, I make sure my leg muscles have been warmed up before going on a wooden foot bench, the incline of which, is adjustable.

I stand on the wooden incline for about 10 minutes each time, as I am so used to it (hence the length of time I stand in that position is comfortable for me).

My calves feel so good when I get off the wooden foot bench. While my calf muscles stretch, I breathe normally and in this case, I enjoy the view too.

NOTE: (These exercises work for me, as I have done them for years. For beginners, all keep fit routines need to be consulted with their own medical practitioners before embarking on anything.  If there is sharp pain, please stop.)

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Enjoy your keep fit routines…Amen.