The Cheongsam Challenge: Day 6

Good day to everyone! Trust you are off to a well-coordinated day?

As a batik sarong fabric enthusiast, I have them in many bright colour tones but this particular cheongsam has been fashioned out of a classic blue on blue and white!

This being Day 6 of Suzanne’s Cheongsam Challenge, it gives me great delight to show you my ‘porcelain coloured’ outfit!

To bring the blues out of their safe zone, I paired it with coral accessories (which incidentally, are my own creations).

CC6 - 27 Nov 2017

I am wearing plain black sandals with this cheongsam (and sorry to not be able to show it in this photograph.)

At 93, you can say “A cheongsam a day, keeps Suzanne happy and the blues at bay”!

God bless us all and have a wonderful day.


The Cheongsam Challenge: Day 1

I started to dress in cheongsam outfits in the mid-50’s when a lady friend suggested it to me. Since then, the cheongsam has been my ‘go to’ attire for church, special lunch or dinner occasions, parties and any special events.

Now even at the tender age of 93, I enjoy the ritual of dressing in the form-fitting outfit that accentuates the feminine curves. Choosing the right accessories (jewellery and shoes) to complement the fabric colours, helps to portray the complete image.

Somehow, the cheongsam manages to elevate the wearer’s image to one of utmost feminine elegance and charm – and it never fails to go unnoticed! Try it yourself and you will see what I mean.

Seeing as how I have several (I have not kept count of them all) cheongsams, I am embarking on the ‘Cheongsam Challenge‘ – ie: to dress up in one cheongsam each day and be photographed – for the sheer fun of it all.

So here goes…..this is Day 1. Starting off with a leopard skin print fabric with black lace sleeves. The beaded panels on the sandals I am wearing, were hand-sewn by me before being given to the shoemaker to be fashioned into sandals.

CC1 - 22 Nov 2017

I hope you will enjoy my Cheongsam Challenge as much as I do in presenting it for your viewing pleasure.

It also proves that gals love dolling up – no matter at what age!!

God bless.



What A Little Beads And Ric-Rac Can Do

Besides adorning my shirts, blouses and pants with hand-painted designs, I enjoy dressing up my clothes with hand-sewn beads and an assortment of braiding or ric-rac too.

Here are two of many of my blouses (which I sewed myself) – coincidentally they are both purple in colour.

Embroidered blouseOne is decorated with swirls of ric-rac and applique flowers, interspersed with beads.

Wooden beadsFor the other, I used only wooden beads which I salvaged from another blouse with very sheer fabric, and stitched them on to this purple blouse.

At age 93, I still derive much joy from my handiwork. I thank the good Lord for blessing me with such simple pleasures and good friends to cheer me on.


Walking, Cycling & Playing Ball At 93….

To me, age is just a number. It does not hold me back from doing whatever I want to, as long as I am able to do so. On that note, I have just taken up cycling as yet another way of keeping fit – especially at the age of 93!

I begin the day with arm and leg exercises while still on my bed, before I get up and out of bed.  In the bathroom, I do another set of exercises, which I will elaborate on, in another post.

I go for two walks in a day, each time for about ten minutes (I walk briskly). It is refreshing for the eyes and mind, to focus on the lush greenery of my immediate surroundings and to literally smell the flowers along the way.



Sometime in the afternoon, I will cycle for about 10 minutes which is a good way to get the circulation activated. This can be done 5 minutes at a time, twice a day too. It helps to keep my knees in good shape, and prevents them from feeling stiff.


At tea-time, Anne, my friendly neighbor comes to carry out her exercise routine and we take the opportunity to play ball! This gentle throwing and catching action helps to sharpen our reflexes and works our arm muscles too.


Keeping fit with simple exercises daily is ALL FUN and ALL PLAY to me. I hope you will agree with me and get out of that chair to exercise!!

God bless.


Brushing For Bright Eyes!


Suzanne, 92, brushes her eyebrows several  times a day, upon waking up, after reading or watching tv.

Like every part of the body, one’s eye area needs to be ‘woken up’ after sleep or after an intense period of reading or looking at electronic gadgets!  Even when your eyes are feeling sluggish when suffering from sinus or a cold.

I just use a soft toothbrush and brush my eyebrows one at a time, starting from the inner end to the outer end. Repeat it a few times and it activates the blood circulation in the eye area…and immediately the tired eye feels revitalised.

Simple as that. If my eyelids are heavy with sleepiness, brushing my eyebrows helps to keep my eyes open.

Have a blessed day.


Upcycling Project: A Jade Necklace And Bracelet

I enjoy working on at least one creative project daily or every other day. As I always say, there is never a dull moment!

The creative process is all-consuming and keeps me busy, focused and at the end of it all, the lovely results keep me on a natural high!

One of my many creative, hands-on activities is to string together my own jewellery pieces. I have been doing it for years, and I even teach others to do the same, if anyone is interested to learn.

Suzanne at work on necklaceRecently a head-rest made out of jade had come undone, scattering all these cool-to-the-touch rectangle pieces all over the place. My first thought was to piece them back together, but then when I ‘saw’ the prettier alternative in my mind’s eye, I got to work immediately.

With the inspiration edging me on, I completed the upcycling project all in one afternoon and voila! I had fashioned a new necklace and bracelet set with the jade rectangular pieces. As the jade pieces were too heavy for the ears, this set, when worn, would have to be complemented with other jade earrings.

Suzanne with necklace and bracelet set

Every morning before leaving my room, I am always completely dressed – and that means with a full set of jewellery too….many of which are of my own handiwork of course.