All Knotted Up…?

In the last few years, we discovered with much delight, the special novena to ‘Mary Undoer of Knots’ or ‘Mary Untier of Knots’ and are pleased to note that we share this favourite Marian devotion with Pope Francis (please click here for article).

The ‘knots’ in this context relates to the challenges in our daily lives for which we do not see any solution. In today’s world, the 300 year Marian devotion is fast gaining popularity far and wide, as it has been translated into several languages. It is interesting to note that it is not based on any apparition of the Virgin Mary.

Image of Mary Undoer of Knots painting (from Wikipedia)

Image of Mary Undoer of Knots painting (from Wikipedia)

For more indepth background information, do click here and for how to pray the novena, please click here.

To show its popularity through the ages, the devotion has its place in the Pinterest too. And, for mobile phone techies out there, there is even an App for this novena from itunes – click here to view.

While we are on the subject of Pope Francis, he happens to be the cover story of the APR-JUN 2013 issue of the 24-page Garabandal International magazine which is available online for your reading pleasure, please click here.

APR-JUN 2013 issue of Garabandal International magazine

APR-JUN 2013 issue of Garabandal International magazine

Until the next post, may all of us contribute towards a peaceful world, with more prayers and goodwill towards one another.


In the News….

Gratitude & HappinessFollowing closely on the heels of Suzanne and I being mentioned favourably, in a recent blog post of Seniorsaloud (click here to read), we woke up yesterday to find a generous snippet dedicated to my recent birthday celebration, in the Northern Edition of the Star newspaper (click here to read)!

With the superlative comments from Lily Fu of Seniorsaloud and its readers, plus the well-wishers resulting from the news in the Star, it has certainly made us feel particularly blessed by the good Lord.

As the topic in Seniorsaloud blog touched on the subject of happiness, may we share with one and all that without gratitude, there is no happiness….only the fleeting distraction of passing pleasures that grow less consequential with the passing years.

On that note, you might wish to read more (click here) on ‘why living a life of gratitude can make you happy’ and ‘how gratitude can change your life’ (click here).


We Could Have Danced All Night…..

Tony (90) and Suzanne (88+) dance the night away...

Tony (90) and Suzanne (88+) dance the night away…

Baked by Mary and decorated by Pauline....

Baked by Mary and decorated by Pauline….

..….at my recent 90th birthday celebration.

Being the birthday boy, it was with sheer delight that I took to the floor for the first dance with my lovely wife Suzanne. At 88 going on 89, she still dances nimbly on those high heels, while looking elegant in her sleek cheong-sum.

We thank the good Lord for all those who graced the occasion with their heart-warming and honoured presence.

It was indeed a blessing to be surrounded by closest of friends, loved ones and relatives from far and wide, for yet another joyous gathering of kindred spirits, good food, song and dance.


A Good Read: “…For the Salvation of the World” – ‘A Love Story About Mary’

Book by Gerard B Tall JrA few months ago, I wrote about an American gentleman named Gerard B Tall, Jr, who has written a book entitled “…For the Salvation of the World” – ‘A Love Story About Mary’, outlining the story of Mother Mary’s mission over the last 180 years.

Gerard has very kindly enabled a FREE updated electronic color copy of the book for easy download in your computer (in pdf format). Just click here please.

Oct - Dec 2012 & Jan-Mar 2013 Garabandal MagazinesAs we are on the subject of Our Lady (the Blessed Virgin Mary), for those who are interested in Garabandal and what it is all about, do check the website:

The Garabandal International quarterly magazine for the months of October – December 2012 carries an interesting cover story, as can be seen in the cover image (above left). At time of writing, the online magazine is still available – please click here to read.

The January – March 2013 issue will be available online very soon. Keep this link below for reference please:

Happy Reading and God Bless,

Director of Penang Garabandal Centre


Thank you for 2012After a few weeks of distractions, we must excuse ourselves profusely for not being more active online.  Almost in the same breath, we wish to express our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to everyone of our viewers from 89 countries, who helped chalk up a total of 13,000 views in the last 12 months.

A considerable number, by our standards… do you agree? Of course without the wonderfully innovative and efficient team at wordpress, we would have never been able to ‘blog’ with such ease.

On a fresh note, we start the New Year with a deeper appreciation of the fact that faith can move mountains, and that when the Lord closes one door on us, he is leading us to a different but better door. All we need to do is believe, have implicit faith that all is on a positive track and it will be so.

Until the next post, let us make a small resolution of being nice to each other, and to start and end each day with thanks and praise for daily blessings.


Remembering Nancy and Albert Yeoh

As they say, savour every moment of life, appreciate daily blessings that come to us in different ways… some may be in the form of a beautiful butterfly flitting past at the most unexpected of times, and mostly, in the form of dear friends, near or far, but always in each other’s hearts.

Well, one such friend has recently returned to the Lord, very suddenly, I might add, but as someone pointed out, she was blessed with a painless exit from the stage that highlighted her life, as one of the last icons of Penang’s heritage.

That lady was our dear Nancy Yeoh of the ‘Albert and Nancy of E&O hotel fame.  The kind of fame that was synonymous with the crème de la crème of society in the hotel’s early hey days, when Nancy joined her husband, Albert Yeoh and his Band, to entertain at the hotel, for at least four decades.

In her inimitable style, Nancy’s mellow contralto voice kept an international audience entertained with a wide repertoire of songs in English, French, German, Maori, Tagalog, Polish and Chinese (and perhaps a few more languages), accompanied by Albert’s perfect tinkling on the ivories.

The couple became an institution in the Penang entertainment scene. Our family and friends treasure fond memories of many joyous weekend evenings toe-tapping to the Yeohs’ old-world musical style at the then 1885 Lounge of the E&O Hotel.

Their special friendship will remain with us for always – from shared travel adventures to regular afternoon tea banter and being there for each other during the good and not-so-good times.

Albert and Nancy never failed to help entertain friends at our private social gatherings. Even though Albert had joined the choir of angels in heaven a few years ago, Nancy continued to sing alone at our birthdays and anniversary parties (the show must go on..), with or without any musical accompaniment.

The last time our group of friends saw Nancy bring the audience to their feet and join in the singing, was in August this year, at Suzanne’s 88th birthday gathering. It was all the more memorable an evening, thanks to Nancy’s expert coaxing of the party mood to joyous notes of unabashed stage performances.

Always clad in long shimmery dresses, many of which she stitched herself, Nancy had a vast collection of chandelier earrings, which she treasured.  She probably had one or more for each day of the year and wore them with sheer delight.

On a closing note, we will miss Nancy’s kindness, sincere friendship and her cheeky rendition of the Cantonese song “Why I love you so” (Thim Kai Ngor Choeng Yi Lei)…not forgetting her very thoughtful creation of special songs, dedicated to us on different occasions.

We have lost a friend on this earth, but gained a new angel by our side!

God Bless us all.


Our Lady’s Messages to the World

Followers of all Marian apparitions would know that wherever she has appeared, the Blessed Virgin Mary always left the visionaries with requests to pray for the good of mankind and peace in the world.


The messages of the Blessed Virgin Mary in her apparitions to four young children in San Sebastian de Garabandal, Spain during the years 1961 to 1965, can be read by clicking on Garabandal. 

For all who are interested in the latest updates on this subject, just click on the July-September 2012 issue of the Garabandal International Magazine for your online reading pleasure. The “Garabandal International” is published quarterly, by the Australian Garabandal International Apostolate.This latest issue also highlights the Penang Garabandal Centre on page 16.

The spectrum of apparitions all over the world

To outline all the apparitions of Our Lady over the years, would entail a lot of research and thankfully, it has been compiled into a book entitled …For the salvation of the World…..( A Love Story about Mary). Click here for more information and a free download of the most updated book.

I take this opportunity to remind all who believe in the power of praying the rosary, that 15 August 2012 is the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Till the next update, thank you for your interest in Our Lady’s messages to us.

Tony Lee
Penang Garabandal Centre