A whisk for my head!

Everyone could do with a light but effective massage of the head...

The whisk….

Recently, a good friend surprised me with what looked like a whisk – the difference is, that it is not for use in the kitchen (at least I have not tried whisking eggs with it)…but for the head. Yes, it turned out to be a head massager in disguise!

I happily put it to the test immediately, pushing it gently up and down on the top of my head, and yes, it ‘wakes me up’ after each session of about 10 ups & downs. I massage my head at least 3 times a day or whenever I feel a need to ‘re-energize myself’..

It is even more effective if I use two whisks at the same time – I bought 2 more when we chanced upon them at a vendor’s stall in the local market. What joy to find it here….I should have bought more.

Happy ‘whisking’….