Have you tasted a dragon……?

With the lunar calendar welcoming the new year of the Dragon on 23 January 2012, one reads, hears and sees everything about ‘dragons’… but has anyone tasted a dragon….?  A Dragon fruit, to be precise.

Most aptly, nature has coloured it in shades of reddish-pink and textured the skin of the fruit to slightly resemble ‘dragon scales’ – hence the name.

Contrary to what one might expect of a fruit named Dragon, the flesh is not fiery in taste, but rather plain  – to the point of being a bland sort of sweetness….in my humble opinion.

So while the welcoming of the Lunar New Year is celebrated on a large, loud, plentiful scale (all for the auspiciously-correct reasons) in many parts of the world, others may be just happy to have a ‘slice of the dragon…fruit’.  This shows you how to go about it, if the fruit is new to you…. http://video.about.com/thaifood/How-to-Cut-Dragon-Fruit.htm

In the meantime, while the norm is to celebrate the festive occasion with excessive eating, drinking and spending, try to spare a thought for the less fortunate, share from your heart, and pray for those who are in need of the Lord’s blessings, especially the world at large.

Wishing one and all, a Happy Lunar New Year.