Tony’s Talk

88 and still looking smart

A keen badminton player during my working years, I now work with Suzanne on her home keep fit routines, and when we are in need of a nice walk about, we go with friends to the nicest shopping mall in town for a few hours’ window shopping, lunch and take in a movie too. 
About 15 years ago, I was introduced to the computer world by my son-in-law, which opened a whole new perspective of global communication. This is my ‘day job’ and keeps me glued to my desk for an average of eight hours a day.
With this blog, it is again another new step in widening our communication channels and will take some time to sync in with it completely, but like they say, we should learn something new every day.
In between all our other activities, we spend a good amount of time on our church activities which brings the community closer together, the camaraderie of which we truly appreciate.
God Bless,

19 thoughts on “Tony’s Talk

  1. Nice to read your articles .Iam interested to learn some handicraft from you Susanne-you really make nice designs for your handbags andf blouses.How do I contact you ?

    have a nice day .bye


  2. Hello Suzanne and Tony,I am greatly encouraged after discovering your blog.At both your tender ages i am ashamed to say i was thinking i am getting old after just touching sixty,now the positive lives you both lead has boosted me onwards. God bless you both.

    • Hello Nell,
      Thanks be to God that our blog is able to touch the lives of so many people. Our secret is never to feel that we are old – continue to feel and look young and live actively with a large circle of good friends, all by the grace of God!
      Tony & Suzanne

  3. Dear Annette and Geoff,

    I am so glad that you love our blog which was put up only after great assistance from our daughter Veronica Ann who had never met you before but is well acquainted with your mum Joan and Fenton who had stayed with us some 30 years or more. Please convey our love to them too.

    This is an excellent way of keeping in closer contact with our loved ones and close friends. For sure, I shall be expanding the blog as this is only the beginning – learning as I go along.

    Love and hugs,
    Tony & Sue

  4. Dearest Jan and Rainer,

    I am awfully sorry to have made a mistake thinking you were our friend Annette from Australia.
    I would never dream of creating a blog without Ann’s assistance. Now we have this vehicle to get closer contacts with each other. Please do take good care of your health. Whenever Robert comes over, we would always ask about you and he would each time say you were well.

    Lots of love, hugs and kisses,
    Koo-Cheong & Koo-Koo

  5. Dearest Jan and Rainer,

    I am awfully sorry to have made a mistake thinking you were our friend Annette from Australia. Have just replied a proper one and hope it goes through.

    Lots of love, hugs and kisses,
    Koo-Cheong & Koo-Koo

    • Koo-cheong. it is me Jan, your niece, not your friend. Thinking of you from Germany. XXX Love from Rainer too.

  6. This blog is a great idea. I feel so much closer to home and my loved ones now, miss you so very much.

    Lots of love

  7. Dear Tony

    How amazing you look and what a wonderful thing to do putting you blog together.

    I agree you do have to stay fit and healty in both mind an body.

    Geoff and I look forward to following your blog and activites as well as Suzanne’s.

    Thank you both for the love and friendship you have shown over the years as we believe we are truly blessed to be part of your lives.

    Love as always.
    Annette & Geoff

  8. What a wonderful idea! I love your blog, and you are looking great! A belated Happy Anniversary to you both and I shall look forward to more news from you all. Love Annie

    • Yes dear Annie,

      This is all a new subject for us too, after all we have to ‘learn something new every day’. We hope to be able to keep up the sharing of good, worthy happenings on this side of the world. Thank you for your wishes.

      Love, uncle and aunty

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