Happy 63rd Anniversary!

A cosy dinner at the E&O Hotel, to celebrate our 63rd Anniversary in 2011.

At 92 and 93 respectively, Suzanne and I are in our 68th year of marriage and, looking back on the years, we truly have been dancing in the light of God…with whose guidance and blessings, we gratefully treasure all our precious adventures together, while always looking forward to more…

As evidenced in the caricature of us (originally drawn by an artist friend, Fuad Zain), my lovely wife, Suzanne, is outgoing and a super achiever.  Always dressed to the nines and still strides out steadily in her high heels, she is an artist and paints on anything she gets her hands on, a jewellery designer, her own dress-maker, a home-maker, hostess extraordinaire, life of the party, friend to anyone, gardener, counselor and a prayerful person.

Ever ambitious, Suzanne took up voice lessons at the tender age of 72. She has since been the most senior and mature singer in the many choirs of the church, singing her heart out, with her timbre and semi-operatic voice during weekend Masses.

I am the anchor of the family, blessed with a good sense of humour, and a love for music, football, badminton and movies, apart from my Church apostolate activities.  About a dozen years ago, I took to learning how to use the computer and email, which opened up a whole new world to me…

Through the years… in an effort to keep the family as fit and as healthy as can be, Suzanne has adopted every possible method of keeping in good shape into her daily routine… and continues to be a source of inspiration to everyone around her.

Her current hobbies are undoubtedly keeping her looking fresh and youthful, as physical exercise strengthens the muscle, while mental training conditions the brain.  We realize the secret to youthful vigour is to keep the brain stimulated to do new things. One of the reasons for the starting of our blog is to hopefully share with anyone interested,  some of Suzanne’s tips on her keep fit routines.

Together, we are thankful for our loving family and truly blessed with loving, caring and sincere friends around us at all times. For that, we are always grateful to God for his countless blessings upon us…..

R.Niebuhr wrote once:  “Living one day at a time, enjoying one moment at a time, and accepting hardship as a pathway to peace.”

God Bless

Suzanne and Tony

March 2016


On 19 April 2016, Tony Lee returned peacefully to the Lord. We miss him terribly but know that he is in a better place. This blog will continue, with Suzanne at the helm.



16 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Tony & Suzanne!

    I found your blog because I was trying to find some news on Nancy after somebody asked me:
    “by the way, did you know …. so and so?”

    And no, I didn’t! I was in shock! Last year when I was in Penang, she was doing all right. Ok, a few problems with sugar levels, but further, she was going to live to be 100!

    Do you have any idea when she passed and maybe some details?

    Thank you very much in advance!

    Carry (late David Ng’s wife)

  2. Dearest Auntie Sue and Uncle Tony, you are an amazing couple, truly wonderful people and an incredible example to the world….I am so very blessed to know you….I miss you both a lot and hope to make it back to visit soon…love you both!!
    Lots of love,
    Sharmine xxx

    • Dearest Sharmin, thank you for your complimentary comments We are just as pleased knowing you; do drop by on your next vacation back home. Love always, Suzanne

  3. Tony, at age 61, I used to consider myself “over the hill”. Then Catherine Tan instroduced me to your blog. After having read about you and your remarkable wife, I’ve had an about-turn in outlook and attitude. Now I feel as if I’m in the prime of life. Thanks to both of you for opening up my eyes to the possibilities of life, age notwithstanding. The two of you are indeed a blessed couple. Your marriage is indeed “La Vie En Rose”. God bless you and yours.

    • Hi Kay Soon, thank you for your pleasant comments. It would appear that Catherine Tan is known to us, but cannot figure if she is from our parish Church. I have gone through your blog to read your interesting articles too.
      I am glad to know that you now realise that you are in the prime of life; please feel truly blessed.

  4. Hi, Suzanne and Tony,

    Found out about your blog after reading the Star write-up of 1 Feb. Love your zest for life. Truly inspiring to the rest of us younger seniors. We certainly need more role models like both of you.

    I run an online community blog SeniorsAloud at http://seniorsaloud.blogspot.com. Do check it out. Feel free to join our community on Facebook at http://on.fb.me/sBnXuD. It would be great to hear your views and comments on a host of topics of interest and relevance to senior citizens and retirees.

    Would love to meet up with you for a chat over durian coffee (haven’t tried it yet) or coconut water (my favourite drink) when you are in KL/PJ.

    Here’s to many happy returns of your birthdays and wedding anniversary!

    Lily Fu

    • Hello Lily,

      Thank you for viewing our blog and your appreciative comment. We had gone through your blog and are glad to know that yours is community service based; we have read the many recommendations to help seniors how to live a healthy life. Unfortunately, our blog is hardly service orientated and started primarily as an experiment and are gradually expanding the topics as we learn. We have lots of friends all over to whom we had recommended to view the contents hoping to hear their comments to enable us to know if our efforts are worthwhile.

      We shall be grateful if you would recommend your members and friends to share our blog as well. It would be lovely if we could meet up somehow just to share our thoughts. Thank you for all your greetings and well wishes.

      God bless,
      Suzanne and Tony

  5. Wishing you good from Shanghai, and at the Eve of the new year sending you all my good thoughts for the Dragon Year and best love. Manu – Shanghai~

  6. Auntie Sue and Uncle Tony, it’s amazing how youthful and distinguish you both look. Must thank Ann for sharing you. Your résumé is like a fairy tale. Nice to “see” you after so many years. By the way I am Cecilia, Ann’s classmate from Muar Convent

    • Hello Cecilia, thank you for your compliments which should be attributed to Ann instead as she was the creator of this blog. I am still learning how to do more with the computer. We learnt from Ann about you and wish you to know that you are in our prayers. May God bless you.

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