A Casual Style To Call My Own

Suzanne's casual art-to-wear ensembles have become a style all her own.

Suzanne’s casual art-to-wear ensembles have become a style all her own.

As some of you might have realized by now, I love to draw and paint!

When I was a young home-maker, I used to paint on glass and canvases with which to decorate the home. That eagerness to ‘makeover’ a plain surface has stayed with me over the years.

These days, I draw or paint freehand, on shoes, pants, blouses, tee shirts, handbags. I add decorative bits and bobs like sequins, beads, buttons, lace, braiding and anything that will help create a 3D effect to my works of art.

As my art-to-wear fashion has grown in popularity through the years, there are many requests from friends to transform their plain items of clothing or shoes into little works of art too. A delightful undertaking which keeps me creatively and joyfully occupied.

What I love about working on my art is the freedom to express myself in any way I wish. At the same time, being engaged in a hobby is therapeutic as it calms the mind and brings such joy too. No matter our age, it is always a good idea to have a hobby that you look forward to indulging in. Please click on this link to read more about the benefits of having a hobby.

Variety of wildlifedragonfly on pants

Even when I read a book or magazine, I draw and jot notations on pages that I need to remind myself about, when I next leaf through them again. I find it normal to do so, while some friends are quite amused by the ‘unusually illustrated pages’. (Smile)

As always, I am thankful to the good Lord for the gift of being able to artfully express myself. Amen.

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